Thursday, June 30, 2005

How to enjoy Sentosa for next to nothing

Most of us aren't that rich to jet around the world. So the next best thing we have is Sentosa! Sentosa is a great place to chill out with your friends. So long as the company is good, you will enjoy yourself even if you have to stay in a mosquito-infested area for 2 nights.

So what are the things you can do in Sentosa other than count the number of bites bestowed upon you? Lots! Too expensive? Fear not! I'll bring you on this magical trip around the island at next to nothing!

1. Grab tickets to heaven - $3
At $3 for the entrance, Sentosa has become considerably cheaper than when I was younger. I remember taking the cable car that cost quite a bit and wasn't really all that fun. Anyway cable cars are closed for repairs or something now so you can get there either by foot, private transport or by bus. The island guide is a must have because you can circle the free stuff to do in Sentosa. Basically there isn't much but again, great company is the antidote to all boredom poison.

Sentosa - For couples only?

2. Cheap lodging at the Hut - Fr $28/night
Freshen up at your hut after your long, tiring 20-minutes bus ride from Harborfront.

Collect keys to your home for the next 2 nights.

A cosy hut in the "woods" comes with a price. Donate your blood to the mosquitoes.

Though I had a buffer in the form of Don A.Q. , it was still not very fun to have those flying idiots buzzing near your ears. Anyway, they scheduled a fogging session in July so I guess we were too early.

There are BBQ pits all around the Kampungs where the rates start from $5/pit. The only catch is that you have to use the dirty common toilet. Bah! Don't act dainty! Rough it out man!

3. Hunt for snails - $0 + 10mg blood (Takes longer, my friend!)
Think this sounds boring? You're dead wrong! Snails are very interesting! Because they crawl so slowly yet they choose to "do things" in the middle of the pavement as if waiting for someone to step on them!

Snails "doing things".

I have no idea what they are doing. Maybe it's customary to exchange homes? Doesn't look very different to me. Or they trying to help one another change into slugs?

4. Take pictures of flowers - $0 + 0.5mg blood
Act like a shutterbug and go all over the island searching for brightly-colored smelly flowers.

Poor drenched flower. And their bits look weird.

Yellow bits are actually the male reproductive parts. Looks almost artificial right

I think this flower is called Ikea.

I saw some frangipani (?), those white ones that grow on trees and people often use to decorate their hair for the act beach-babe look? My friend wanted to buy some white hair accessories once and received a prompt scolding from her mother. Because chinese wear white in their hair only when the female's father or husband has passed away. Not very beach-babe after all!

5. Have a delicious meal at Delifrance - ~$10
There is something about the sea breeze that makes you gobble everything edible. The 3 Delifrance outlets in Sentosa are perfect for gobbling if there's only so much instant noodles you can handle. The pictures speak for themselves.

What a spread!

Sweet, succulent seafood d'siree. Mmmmmmmm...

Clear chicken broth with fantastic garlic bread.

Baked potato with egg mayo filling. Not mine, sadly.

Be a tart. A peach tart? Or...

A mixed fruit tart?

End off with coffee and its cute buttonly chocolate chip cookie.

Or stir in the 10th packet of sugar to make your stay sweeter. Aww...

With the free scenic view as the backdrop.

I know there are Delifrance outlets all over Singapore but the Sentosa ambience makes it special. :)

6. Go for one of those less-visited trails - $0 + 1mg blood
With almost everyone acting the beach babe and hunk, you can be pretty sure that you will have those old-times favourites all by yourself. You may discover treasures like these...

What do they symbolize?

Find yourself in a cannibal village where you see a lady in heels hunting for fallen durians. We did.

Take a rest on the forgotten bench and enjoy the view of the Caribbean that you imagined you own.

Or search for the shelter that has turned into a tree from years of neglect.

Discover the REAL reason why there's no more monorail.

7. Make friends with peacocks - $0 + 10 pecks
Remember, you are looking for peacocks that look like this

I didn't know they eat just about anything. So unfitting for such a regal creature. I wonder if the feathers are heavy on their asses. Heh heh...

And not the drab peahens (?).

Beware of peahens crossing.

Why would you need a peacock friend you say? To be at the heights of fashion of course. How else can you look like Nicole Kidman?

Doesn't look very comfortable to me. How do you clean the dress?

Don't like feathers on your chest? Take them to the ears!

Peacock earrings are just a tad itchy to have near your neck.

8. Collect brochures - $0
These are great if you are the kind who need to have something to read while you poop. Although the toilets are not very conducive for crapping...

All so Uniquely Singapore.

Some of them look rather interesting even for me, a Singaporean who has been on the soil for 22 years.

Fancy that! Charming Chinatown, Hard Knocks at Royal Selangor and even a Walking Guide around Joo Chiat.

9. Stage a shadow show - $0
Remember all the tricks you learnt when you were young? It's time to challenge your friends to see who can come up with the most kinds of shadow animals!

Thats a wolf howling at the moon. Lousy you if you cannot make it out. :P

10. Start a blog - $0 + 2mg blood
Yes! They do have Internet access on the island. There are even wireless surf zones if you care to lug your laptaops over (no power points though).

The Great Don A.Q. working on one of his ingenious works.

Yours truly trying very hard to blog with the blood-suckers buzzing around. Argh!

Mission abandoned.


Adrian said...

The kiosk is very frustrating. Kept hanging on us.

Anonymous said...

you're making me feel itchy all over. and the 'moon' looks like some sock puppet leh. heh.

zara sale!

ei|een said...

the hut likes very cosy, actually. i like! but maybe i need to bring my own mosquito net there, to hang around myself. haha.

love the photo of the "island" at sundown. so soothing and romantic! sigh..

kukukucinta said...

hey...the hut looks nice, iggit from NTUC?

But where do u use the bathroom/toilet facilities?

Daniel said...

there's a very endearing quality about your writing style. Keep it up.

jllt said...

Adrian: Yeah! Must be our powers too great for the darn thing.

giraffes: I just saw the sales. Very sian... Not really much of a sales person... Too lazy to dig around. Heh...

ei|een: Actually the hut is air-conditioned. Just need to make sure that the mosquitoes leave the room before going there. It's quite cosy ya... The island looked even better when I was there! My camera couldn't really capture it. ):

kukukucinta: Yep. It's Costa Sands. There's public toilet/showers within the chalet compound itself.

daniel: Thanks for the compliment!

misunderstood said...

wonderful! thanks for the tip!

Ivan said...

Sentosa is nice, as long as it doesn't rain. I once stayed over at the chalet there and was happily tossing chicken bones from our barbecued chicken wings to the peafowl and free-range chickens running all over the place. How macabre.

And isn't this the peak period for all the university orientation camps running all over the place and doing silly cheers and stunts? ;)

jllt said...

amithyst: You're welcome! I have more! Heh heh...

hai~ren: Thankfully they have yet to arrive when we were there... Hahaha...

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