Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bus Theory Part III*

Bus Theory Part III will be more complex than Part I and II. Today, I will introduce the concept of overcommitment.

How many times have we been waiting for the bus for so long that we refuse to budge from the bus stop? Just because we have invested so much time (and hence, money) on waiting for the one bus that we overlook other modes of transport that might have suit us better. When the bus finally arrives, we will definitely board it, never mind that better choices are available to us. This, my friend, is the concept of overcommitment.

Overcommitment also happens because we have already bought a bus stamp. Thus, even though we can take the cab or the MRT, we do not go for those choices because it would mean investing more money to get to the same destination. In the game of love, there have been many stories of people being mentally, physically and emotionally drained by previous relationships that they give up on starting new ones. Or that they just stick to their current investment.

If you are not in a hurry to get to your destination (Like when your dad did not state in his will that you must marry within a year to get your $10 billion inheritance), I would suggest that you give up waiting for the bus if it is taking too long and head home instead.

That, my friend, is my 3rd truckload of crap.

*This post is partly contributed by Heavenly Sword.

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Soli Loquy said...

hear hear!!

u can start a radio talk show called Dr Love and her Bus Theory.