Friday, March 31, 2006

The philosophical clubbing experience

Things are prettier in the dark. Daylight is harsh on everyone. In the absence of brightness, we find beautiful things. Lights that shine in the dark are almost mystical.


But when you put on the flash, it all becomes clear. Too clear.


Toilets are good. Dimmed toilets are better. Without lights to show how weird we actually look with blue blops on our lids and red smears on our lips, we feel confident with the warpaint on.

The shadow adds nice lines to your legs too. What cellulite?!

Check out the footwear and feet girls have when clubbing.

What's wrong with the photo? (L to R) 3 inch heel, 3 inch heel + bright red paint on nails, 2.5 inch heel + orangey/pink paint on nails, toes squeezed together to fit into sharp points

There's the liquid that costs more than what it's worth. Many seem to need it to lose inhibitions. Isn't the music enough? The right amount can give you a relaxed feeling. Too much makes you puke and have a headache that lasts the day. Too little makes you feel like the music is too loud. But any amount makes you feel the pinch on your wallet.

Long island tea that is not a tea $15, Johnnie Walker that makes you do anything but walk $7, Bailey's, chocolate, irish cream, Kahlua and milk concoction that is not for bedtime $16.

Then, there are some who loves to share their skin.

Girl in black (2nd from left) later removed top to show bra underneath. Girl in white shorts (right) is fully clothed for the occasion.

P later asked me what the girls hoped to achieve by dressing like that. I suppose when you have it, you want to flaunt it. They gyrated on the podium. What do they want from the crowd? Admiring glances from everyone, pick up lines from the males or bitchy comments from the females?

'Just eyes on me please'.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mad ranting about girls and of a girl

I've just spent the last hour trying to figure out what I want to wear tomorrow. Girls are funny that way. When the mood strikes, we think of how we want to doll ourselves up even though there's no special occasion, saved for the ladies' night.

Recently, we chanced upon a magazine left behind by the previous housemate, who is a Japanese. Vivi, the magazine from hell, has tonnes of gorgeous clothes that had us pouring ourselves over and rushing for the calculator to convert the Japanese yen into local dollars, so that we could comfort ourselves by saying there's no way we can afford that now. In Vivi, we also found a model who made us understand there is no fairness in this world.

Did I mention that she has a more than ample bosom and symmetrical moles on both side on her face? Now, try and beat that!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

What does it mean?

When girls scream in the middle of the night as they walk past your house? Not hurt, not raped, not injured. Just for the fun of it. All between 1 am to 4 am. Yeah.
(And you wonder why no one calls the police when someone starts screaming in the middle of the night.)

When the waiter at a cafe remembers you even though you have not visited the place for more than 5 times and your last visit was 4 months ago?

Nevertheless, the said cafe serves a great rack of lamb!

With rosemary vegetables and baked potato! Nice? NO! BECAUSE IT'S NOT MINE! :(


There is this particular advertisement on Australian tv that has caught my attention. In fact, the advertisements here are much more interesting than those in Singapore. The advertisement starts by showing a pair of feet behind closed doors. A man is in the process of putting his hairy feet through a full-bodied swimsuit (the kind divers have). In the foreground is a swimming pool.

In the next scene, he walks out with his swimsuit zipped to the top. Then, these words appear:

Now, doesn't that sound intriguing? This ad is actually part of a few related advertisements. Curiousity piqued? Pop over to to see this guy.

It's all for a good cause!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The art of ordering a sub

Ever been to a Subway branch? Ordering is such a headache. I am not a fan after having it once in Singapore but over in Brisbane, Subway is everywhere! I think it's more prevalent than the golden arches. My friends all commented that Subway is good. I thought to myself: why not give it a try again.

Then, I learnt the art of ordering a sub...

Firstly, this was what I wanted to eat:

But I had to answer a truckload to questions to get there. And most coincidentally, I was served by this boy with a very strong accent and an impatient look permanently etched onto his face.

If you want customisation, you betta' answer those questions!

1) State what you want.
"Can I have a cheese steak please?"

Sorry, not enough.

2) State the size."I want a 6 inch cheese steak."

Sorry, not enough.

3) State the kind of bread you are into.
"I want a 6 inch cheese steak on wheat."

Sorry, not enough.

4) State the kind of cheese you fancy.
"I want a 6 inch cheese steak on wheat with cheddar cheese."

Sorry, not enough.

5) State whether you want it toasted.
"I want a 6 inch cheese steak on wheat with cheddar cheese, toasted."

Sorry, not enough.

6) State the vegetables you desire.
"I want a 6 inch cheese steak on wheat with cheddar cheese, toasted; with lettuce, tomato, olives, and onions."

Sorry, not enough.

7) State the dressing to dribble onto your sub.
"I want a 6 inch cheese steak on wheat with cheddar cheese, toasted; with lettuce, tomato, olives, and onions; with honey mustard dressing."

Sorry, not enough.

8) State whether you want salt and pepper sprinkled.
"I want a 6 inch cheese steak on wheat with cheddar cheese, toasted; with lettuce, tomato, olives, and onions; with honey mustard dressing; no salt, no pepper."

Then you have your sub which costs more than a MacDonald's meal.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pics, pics, pics!

Haven't been blogging much lately and thought I'll do a photoblog (or is it photolog? No idea!) to show my days in Brisbane. And no, the cyclone in Cairns does not affect me and I am still in the living world.

Warning: The following may contain materials not suitable for the hungry. View discretion is advised.

I moved to a new place that had my friend wondering if it was a bangalow.

View from the balcony... Brisbane river!

Dining area with a kitchen table that can be used for cooking shows! And a flowerfied housemate because I don't want to die.

Did I mention that we are preparing for WWIII?

I tried to have 'ink' and dragged abovementioned flowerfied housemate with me to the museum. We caught the 'Regarding Retro' exhibition. After all, it's free! Free = good = :DDDD

Nice lobby(?)

I like this work by Joan Ross. It's titled 'Do I look alright in this?' Such a girly question! Click on the picture to see the intricate needlework of the dress she's wearing. I believe it's made of hair. It would be interesting to make one from blonde hair contrasted against a black background. Hmm...

I was promptly inspired and whipped out my retro sheets. The red thing is what they call the 'Bed Buddy' here - the closest thing to a bolster.

Also went for the St. Patrick's Day parade in the city that celebrates the Irish heritage. Quite disappointed because I had expected it to be at least of the 'Chingay' standard. Zzzz... Well... It's free...

About the most interesting thing on display.

Now for the food... Are you ready?

Pizza seems to be popular this semester.

1m of it to be exact. :P

With potatoes

With shrimps

And taiwanese delights as well!

A Taiwan-style breakfast with the most delicious 'tau gua' (the plate of black beancurd) and 'chong you bing' (triangular pastry)!

凉面好好吃! (Taiwanese cold noodles)

But home-cooked food beat them all!

Kelly's delicious pasta!

Entrée done to the max! Bloody Mary oyster shot, garlic bread, wasabi prawn and baked cheese mushroom! Wash it all down with a great bottle of girly, fruity shiraz!

Main of rump steak marinated in herbs. Yum!

End the sweet, sweet meal with desserts!

Sticky date pudding with caramel sauce

Hot fudge brownie with fudge sauce

Lastly, you cannot forget the 'me-centered' photo!

Don't worry about cutting off faces of prettier girls! :P

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Samantha san!


Have you used it yet?!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am talented!

I think I should enrol in a hairdressing school. My friend trusted me with her virgin hair (how many of those can we find nowadays?!) and asked me to help her highlight it. Not that I have never done it before but what I did previously was corrective rather than beautifying. This time round, I had to make sure every strand that was colored was supposed to be colored because it was a strict highlight job without a dye task. Besides, the "customer" was also quite concerned about her hair. What have I gotten myself into?!

Firstly, I squeezed some blood from her hair:

Next, I proceeded to look very happy about the murder:

Then I turned her into an apple:

Truth is I want to give her apple for the apple of her cheek. Geddit huh, huh, huh???

Conclusion: I am a multi-talented individual!