Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Idiot-Proofed Recipe - Pizza

I never knew that yeast smell like chicken essence until I helped mama make the pizza. I know calling 6235 3535 might be easier but how would you get to giggle with mama over chopping ingredients and kneading dough? And it was DELICIOUS! So nice that I am going to share the recipe with everyone so we can all gain weight together!

*** Ingredients

- Fresh milk (125ml)
- Yeast (1 tsp)
- Sugar (3/4 tsp)
- Salt (1/2 tsp)
- Margarine/butter (1 tbsp)
- Top flour (190g)

Toppings (Actually up to you but these were what we put in)
- Bacon
- Chicken, chopped and marinated with salt and black pepper
- French onion, chopped lengthwise
- Green/red/yellow capsicum
- Canned pineapple, diced
- Canned mushrooms, sliced
- Pasta sauce
- Shredded cheese

*** Making the Crust

- Mix fresh milk, yeast, sugar and salt. Leave aside for 10 minutes.
- Add in flour and butter to make dough. Knead.

- Cover with wet cloth for 10-15 minutes.

*** Readying the Toppings

- While waiting for the dough to rise, fry the bacon to release its heady fragrance.

- Do the same with the chicken.

After which they both look like this:

*** Putting It Together

- Grease the pan with butter or margarine. Heard that margarine is bad for health because it is artificial.

- Press dough onto pan.

A bit not smooth ah... But our first time doing... Heh heh... Got homemake flavor leh!

- Coat with pasta sauce.

No need to put at the sides. Too tomatoly liaoz...

- And add some cheese.

- Throw in the capsicums,



cooked chicken,

fried bacon,

and mushrooms!

- Top with more cheese! Cheese is the primary reason why this dish is so expensive. $10.50 for a big packet of "Pizza" shredded cheese! Think I'll use cheapo sliced cheese next time round. Haha...

- Pre-heat over at 240c for 15 minutes. Bake pizza for 25 minutes or until the crust is cooked. Or use Tupper-chef pan (as shown below) and cook under very low fire for 25-30 minutes. Mama is a Tupperware fan!

*** Mmmmmmmm

The final product!

Check out the cheese!

My slice of it!

Oozing melting cheese...


Good to make with a few friends and enjoy it during a bitching session! The italian way to eat pizza is to fold your slice into half and bite in! My way is just to stuff everything in. Heh heh...


Injenue said...

you make me hungry. ALL THE TIME!!

Nataline said...

Yummy... I'm hungry, JUST right after my breakfast.

Anonymous said...

my mum was a rabid tupperware fan. instead of the usual shoes and bags, her closet was full of tupperware. kinda weird huh. thankfully this phase is over. :D


jllt said...

injenue: Maybe you are hungry ALL THE TIME, with or without any help from me? Heh heh...

nataline: Cheese makes people hungry!!!

giraffes: My mama also have alot of shoes! Hahaha... And I have a lot of bags and shoes!

Soli Loquy said...

oh CHEEEEEEESEE gloriouusss CHEESE!!!!!!!!!


man would i love to join ur bitching sessions.... juicy gossip and juicy pizza... hehehe got juicy juice anot???

jllt said...

cheneille: Haha... We bitch around the clock, so there really isn't any "sessions" to speak of...

Got juicy milo dinosaur!

Jared said...


jllt said...

Want to join my bitching session too? Heh heh...

Unknown said...

you're SUCH a foodie!! (:

jllt said...

Heh heh... Posting about food is quite brainless. People bimbo, I foobo?

Sheena said...

Lucky you, you've got a mum who can cook great food! My mum can't cook to save her life.

ei|een said...

i'm hungry!! pizza is goooood. cheese is goooood. i want!

merenwen : yeah. my mum can't cook as well! but thankfully my dad can! haha.

Anonymous said...

omg.. that looks so good.