Sunday, March 21, 2010

The series of unfortunate events

we've been saying we need to record this down before we all forget how 'lucky' we were. yes, all the below did happened. The weather wasn't being typically perth according to SJ. during the two years she was there, she had not experienced the type of cold we were experiencing. never mind, we love the cold we said.

on that night, we wanted to club. on! its the last night in perth and we HAVE to do something. we made plans to head out with her friend to one of the few clubs in perth: metro.

since samuel's car can only take 4, including the driver, and there's 5 of us, it was decided that adrian and i will go to the club first. if we're going to run straight into the club, then theres no need to wear jacket rite? adrian left his at our rented apartment.

once at outside the club, we huddled together while waiting for samuel to return with SJ and JT. the wind was howling but the place was packed. after a while, we noticed something unusual. the crowd consisted mainly of students. as we shivered in the howling wind, we heard them speaking to one another:

"good thing we got the tickets early! i think its sold out now"

WHAT TICKETS? and what do you mean by sold out? hmm... getting strange...

finally, i saw the poster outside the club. there was a bash tonight. crap... if bashes there are anything like bashes in singapore, you get what i mean.

we called the gals and told them the bad news. too late. they were reaching soon.

before they could explain to samuel, he had dropped them off and went to find parking. more power, SJ was wearing spag top with short skirt. and seriously, the wind was unlike anything we had experienced before. BUT it's never too cold to camwhore!

after standing around in the wind for 10 minutes, samuel finally came back.

"what now? where to go?"
"there's this other club we can head to... a little messy there but we're out to club. should be about 15-20 minutes ride away only."

it was decided. we are going for club II (cannot recall the name la). since SJ was in her minis, we graciously decided SJ and JT should take samuel's ride first. something we would come to regret very soon. very regret kind...

once the trio left, adrian and i sought refuge behind the pillar. image this: the entrance to the club is up a flight of stairs and there was no effective shelter outside the club. essentially, this:

while we stood there with our arms crossed, we heard a strange, unfamiliar noise (unfamiliar when you're in australia, the driest continent on earth). *pit pat pit pat pit pat*


heng right? the wind was making it worst by blowing the rain horizontally at us. big, fat droplets hitting you like people throwing fishballs at you. crap. it was getting really bad, we stood there for about 15 minutes. samuel should be back right? 16 minutes. where's samuel? 17 minutes. what's taking them so long? 18 minutes. come one! 19 minutes. did they head straight home? 20 minutes.

cannot tahan already! we went up the stairs, ready to enter the club for some shelter. once on the steps, we folded our arms and stood as still as we could. You know, if we move, we will may move the air more and get colder? :) waited and waited and i caught sight of something flapping on the ground. a $10 bill! that's like $12 in SGD? i pointed out to adrian.

"eh, $10 leh"
"so? i'm not going to move. nice and slightly warmer now"

we stood on the steps, watching the bill flapping.

FINALLY! after 30 minutes of pure (cold) agony, samuel returned. we ran into the car, plopped ourselves down and heaved a huge sign of relief.

"how come the 10 minute became 30?" we asked quizzically (not good to be rude and make your driver angry ah)

samuel pointed to the road block just ahead. Aha!

as we passed the road block, the police waved us on. he recognised samuel. As if we didn't have enough problems, samuel blurted back, "you sure i haven't been drinking?" +_+

arrived at burswood casino, still cold, still wet, and getting hungry. hopped into the toilet and ATTEMPTED to dry off.

while waiting for everyone to convene, we were witnessing lots of people having a great time in an irish pub. looks good i thought. but i never thought that this will be a place that will revisit later.

never mind! let's hit the CLUB!

strangely, the club was not within the casino. we had to brave the wind and walked to the club. could this be the start of our good luck for the evening? NO QUEUE!!!

we swaggered up, ready to party the night off (what's left of it).


huh? samuel was stopped by the bouncer. bouncer pointed at his shoes and shook his head.


by now, you can imagine the filthy, filthy words that are going through our minds. samuel offered to head home to change while we enter the club.


it was too cold to stand outside arguing with the bouncer. we adjourned to the casino. as we sat around the slot machines, we were enticed by the smell wafting from 24-hour cafe. eh! when you're cold and wet, it naturally comes with hungry.

the next moment, we were sitting down with a plate of fries, some hot drinks, and brainstorming on the next (club/pub/bar/anywhere with alcohol) destination.

remember the irish pub? yes, i did. we brushed off the fries crumbs and headed for it. 1am.

TMD! the pub was closed at 1am! bouncers were standing there, barring our way. one miserable drink can?!

miserable, cold, wet and tired. we stomped around the casino and the hotel looking for a lobby lounge, a hotel pub, anything! none. naddah. zilch. +_+

let's head for the club outside the casino again!

By the time we got there, guess what? It was closing and no longer admiting anyone even for one bloody drink! Its simply not our day or night rather!

By then we were truly defeated. we decided to xall it a night. Hopped into a cab and headed back to the apartment. While Adrian was paying, the 3 of us girls alighted from the cab. Just at the gate outside the apartment were two guys. They were what you would call under the influence of alcohol. As if we had not tried hard enough the whole night to get a drink, these two boisteriously offered their bottle to rub it in. 

After some dodging, we made it back to the apartment. The unfortunate events did not end there. Since I caught some rain, the group graciously allowed me to shower first though I am sure that everyone just wanted to wash the swayness away.

When I turned on the tap, no hot water. Just when I was cursing and swearing, someone screamed "noooooooooooooooooo!!!" As if a mortal sound had been dealt. 

We had no internet.

Monday, March 15, 2010

If your eyeshadow becomes blusher before you walk out the door...

I seldom plug products but every once in a while, I come across something fantastic (like nando's).

Today, it's not about food. If your eyeshadow seems to have the amazing power of converging into a thin, oily line before lunch, this is the product for you.

Urban Decay's Primer Potion, S$32 from Sephora.

At first, it doesn't seem possible that a smear of this on your lids will make your eyeshadow stay. In fact, the thing practically disappear when you blend it into your lids. So never mind, I continued slapping on the shadow, prepared to be disappointed by yet another product touting A but giving Z.

Do not be surprised when your eyeshadow turns out a lot more vibrant that you're used to. I think this is what the primer is meant to do. Most amazingly, my eyeshadow actually stayed on the lids and did not initiate its usual trek down to my cheeks. How COOL is that?

If you're like me who have tonnes of eyeshadow pots in the drawer that you can never use (unless you like green/blue/purple blusher), this is your lifesaver. GRAB IT!

Is this angelina?

Nope! it's her