Saturday, June 04, 2005

Idiot-Proofed Recipe - Shepherd's Pie

The first of many recipes that I will introduce to everyone! That's the general plan lah: to have a series of easy breezy recipes. But whether it will happen or not depends on how lazy I am.

Here to kickstart my infrequent instalments of idiot-proofed recipes is Aunty Doreen's Shepherd's Pie.

*** Ingredients

Do you know? Campbell's Cream of Mushroom is commercially available since 1934.

(Clockwise from bottom right)
- 2 chicken breasts, diced and seasoned with salt and black pepper
- 3 slices of cheddar cheese
- ½ a can of mushrooms, sliced
- 1 small packet of mixed vegetables, washed and drained
- 1 can Campbell's Cream of Mushroom
- ½ french onion, coarsely chopped
- 3 USA potatoes, boiled and peeled

*** Mashed Potatoes

Do you know? Potatoes are poisonous when not properly cooked.

- Place potatoes in a large mixing bowl. Add salt, fresh milk and a slab of butter (Amounts depend on how you like your potatoes. Wet or dry? Tee hee hee...)
- Mash with a fork or a potato masher
- Leave aside (Don't let the houseflies get to it. Animal Planet said houseflies vomit on your food. Pui!)

*** Filling

- Heat wok with oil/butter. Add chicken. (My wok is a bit old. So pardon the darkened areas. Maybe that's why the food taste better!)

Do you know? Mike, a chicken, managed to live for 18 months without a head.

- Stir fry chicken until cooked. Add onions to sweat. Increase oil/butter if required.

Do you know? The largest onion bhaji weighed 59.6kg.

- Throw in mushrooms and mixed vegetables. Fry until all ingredients are cooked.

Do you know? You can make your own Smurf mushrooms.

- Add cream of mushroom. Adjust the consistency with boiled water. No need to add a whole can of water as you normally do with Campbell's. You will be drinking the shepherd's pie if you do.

Do you know? Andy Warhol painted Campbell's soup cans.

*** Putting It Together

- Pour filling into a metal dish that has been covered with aluminium foil (Easier to clean later lah! This recipe is for lazy people.).

Do you know? Star Trek's transparent aluminium is theoretically possible.

- Spread mashed potatoes evenly on top of filling. Layer sliced cheese. Sliced cheese cheaper so it's better!

Do you know? The world's smelliest cheeses are of the washed rind range.

- Add shredded cheese if desired. Make it look more pro ah! Like baked rice or something. Heh heh... Then baked the combo in the oven until the cheese melts.

Do you know? Cellulose is added to packaged shredded cheese.

*** Mmmmmmmm...

This is what the shepherd's pie look like after a few minutes:

Cheese, cheese, cheese. Makes girl's boobs grow bigger! Wishful thinking!

You cut open...

Shit la! The carrots went hiding so this pic is not nice! Where my orlane color?

Chomp away!

There's the one carrot dice!


Really simple and oiishi recipe! Try and let me know your verdict k? If you want to marry me because I can cook, sorry to disappoint you!


Adrian said...


jllt said...

Now I wish I had taken home the leftovers. So nice.

Heavenly Sword said...

I'm impressed...I have no doubt that your kungfu will further improve in time to come... :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I went from 0 to "si beh hungry" in the short span of this blog. ~~growl

Anonymous said...

You make me hate the tasteless fried rice that I'm eating now! *grits teeth in anger*

Adrian said...

Muahahaha, she made the pie for ME! Muahahahahaha!

Injenue said...

i had too much shepherd's pie with my first gf.... i was her guinea pig for her home econs lessons... oh but she made them good =)

Soli Loquy said...

ummmm......... i think i'll pass. haha no laaa, i just dont like dat mix thing (peas carrots and dunno wat), that's all.

jllt said...

heavenly sword: Yep! With all the chopping, mincing and dicing in the kitchen, it's hard not to have good sword skills.

jaywalk: I power! Get your wife to cook for you! Easily. >:)

simplicate: Haha.. Fried rice is one of the hardest dish to excel in. Try eating fried rice with Super 3-in-1 instant coffee. Delicious and very unhealthy. Haha.. :D

adrian: Now you know how lucky you are?

injenue: Home econs need to practice meh? I though just go there cook and then it's done.

cheneille: Actually I also don't really like peas, but you can hardly taste them in this dish. If you don't like, can don't add or just substitute them with something else. (:

Adrian said...

heheheh, we're both lucky lah. :)

nadnut said...

food looks great! shall try out the recipe one day!

jllt said...

adrian: Heh heh... Lucky lucky!

nad~: You should! It's so easy!