Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It's all about me, me, me, me, me!!!

Here's to show that my housemates and friends know me really well...
How crappy is ting?!

I came home to this!

It must have been really hard to make the G

Star sushi rice~

Grilled chicken wings~

Claypot vegetables~

Steamed fish~

Thank you everyone! Delicious home-cooked meal~

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Be generous, donate!

If someone donates sperm, is he being unfaithful?

I do realise wolf whistle may be the wrong word.

Lame joke

有一天, 一颗糖走在路上. 走啊走, 它的脚就很软... 所以变成软糖了!

*Compliments of R.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's complicated

I noticed these issues around me recently:

A: I like him but I'm not sure if it will last.
B: I love him but I like others too.
C: I love him but I've stopped thinking about forever.
D: I love him but I'm not sure if we are compatible

What happened to 'I love him! I really do!'?


簡單愛 Jian Dan Ai Simple Love
Jay Chou

shuo bu shang wei shen me
Couldn’t really say why

wo bian de hen zhu dong
I became very initiative-taking (or “active” as opposed to “passive”)

若愛上一個人 / 什麼都會值得去做
re ai shang yi ge ren / shen me dou hui zhi de qu zuo
If you fall in love with someone, anything is worth doing

Pre Chorus

wo xiang da sheng shun bu
I want to announce loudly

dui ni yi yi bu she
That I can’t bear to be apart from you

lian ge bi ling ju dou cai dao wo xian zai de gan shao
Even my next door neighbors can guess my feelings right now

Chorus 1

河邊 / 的風 / 在吹著頭髮/ 飄動
he bian / de feng / zai chui zhe tou fa / piao dong
The breeze by the river, is blowing your hair, swaying

牽著 / 妳的/ 手一陣莫名/ 感動
qian zhe / ni de / shou yi zhen mo ming / gan dong
Holding your hand, a sense of unknowingly being touched

wo xiang dai ni hui wo de wai po jia
I want to take you to my grandma’s home

一起 / 看著日落 / 一直到我們都睡著
yi qi / kan zhe ri luo / yi zhi dao wo men dou shui jiao
Watching the sunset together until we fall asleep

Chorus 2

wo xiang jiu zhe yang qian zhe ni de shou bu fang kai
I want to just hold your hand like this and not let go

ai neng bu neng gou yung yuan dan chun mei you bei ai
Can love be forever innocent without sadness

我 想帶妳騎單車
wo, xiang dai ni qi dan che
I want to take you bike-riding

我 想和妳看棒球
wo, xiang he ni kan bang qiu
I want to watch baseball with you

想這樣沒擔憂 唱著歌 一直走
xiang zhe yang mei dan you chang zhe ge yi zhi zou
Want to be like this with no worries, singing as we walk along

wo xiang jiu zhe yang qian zhe ni de shou be fang kai
I want to just hold your hand like this and not let go

ai ke bu ke yi jian jian dan dan mei you shang hai
Can love be simple without pain

妳 靠著我的肩膀
ni, kao zhe wo de jian pang
You leaning on my shoulder

妳 在我胸口睡著
ni, zai wo xiong kou shui jiao
You sleeping on my chest

像這樣的生活 我愛妳 妳愛我
xiang zhe yang de sheng huo wo ai ni, ni ai wo
Like this kind of life, I love you, you love me

想 簡!簡!單!單! 愛
xiang! Jian! Jian! Dan! dan! Ai...
Want simple simple love!

想 簡!簡!單!單! 愛
xiang! Jian! Jian! Dan! dan! Ai...
Want simple simple love!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The journey of making peanut butter cookies

We, at house no. 31, are getting domesticated. Yesterday, after dinner, we were wondering what the post-dinner plans were. This despite having tons of assignments to complete, and loads of readings to catch up on. We decided to commence on our current(on 3 May 2006)-but-soon-to-be-ex(from 4th May 2006)-favourite activity: baking!

We did not want to make poo poo again because we can only pay for so many dental trips. In a complete turnaround, we wanted soft cookies. After much LOUD-slam-the-table-squat-on-floor-stomp-around-the-house laughter and near-collapses (both the cookies and us), we finally manage to churn out the peanut butter cookies!

Ok... So they were not soft but they were smashing!

The trip to peanut butter cookie heavendom was not uneventful. I shall narrate what one of the shall-remain-unnamed housemates did. Granted, it might be faster to narrate what she did right, but where's the fun in that! (kidding my dear unnammed housemate!)

It says to mix sugar and butter together. Flour to be added to the sugar-butter mixture later. She said, "Add sugar to flour!"

It says to use softened butter. She said, "Melt the butter!"

It says to preheat oven to 150 degrees. She used the grill function. Hey! Maybe grilled peanut butter cookies will be the next hot thing!

Adding peanut butter to mixture
She nearly severed the knife into two when she put it in between the two beaters of the electic mixer. Not cool, not cool at all.

Scoping mixture onto baking trays
She "plap" a spoonful right to the other housemate standing beside her, who exclaimed in shock. She looked down and asked, "Who did that?!"

Eating the cookie
I was getting the second batch of cookies ready for baking. She made me tiptoe for she catapulted a big cookie crumb against my foot.

If I do not blog soon, please id. this housemate.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kogepan - The Burnt Bread

I know it's not cool to like cute things at my age. I know people will say I 装可爱. I know people will say 'wah lao!'. I know people will say 'cannot grow up ah?!'. I know people will say 'get over it' (K, you know I'm talking about you). But I don't care. It has been so long since a single picture can let me laugh until I nearly peed (don't eeee me! it has happened to you too just that you are conveniently denying it now!!). It has been so long since I laugh at something online (isn't it strange how rare that is?). It is time to show this to the world:

KOGEPAN! THE BURNT BREAD! Kogepan is actually a very sad bread who only wanted to be the most delicious bread. But misfortune befalls him, and his vision could only remain as that: a vision. He takes to drinking and smoking. But sometimes he is very lucky. He gets picked up by someone to go travelling in other countries.

Act Mexican!

In Venice! Click photos to see more!

Other times he is not as lucky. He becomes part of lunch.

Despite all these, he still tries hard to be a delicious bread.

Read more about his never say die attitude. You will love him too!