Sunday, November 30, 2008

Theme party! Yay!

Went to yet another theme party! Only this time, everyone had to dress up as it was for a company event! What to guess the theme?

The 'downstairs' people.

Love it! :) We even went clubbing after the event! :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Halloween 2008

Oh yeah. A whole month late! Hahaha... Halloween was a blast! At least the dressing-up part was as awesome as ever. I made many parts of my outfit myself! Here's one:


Why make your own outfit? Cos it cost $80 to rent a friking outfit which you have to return! Peiying bought her outfit from Spotlight for $54 only! And you can sell the outfit online when you're done with it. Problem with that is I had already decided on a character I wanted and it was not available in stores. Yet another reason to make my own. Here's the grand total:

Good price right?

This was my final outfit:

Can you guess my character? Borrowed the basket from boss and all other clothing found in my cupboard! :)

I also found more of my (better-looking) counterparts:

Some of my friends also made their "virgin" Halloween appearances and had asked me what the theme will be for next year! I guess dressing up is fun! Anyway, this year's theme was "Fairytales". Any suggestions for next year's?

I think the best part about Halloween is to put on the make up! This is the one time you can mess up your eyeliner and be cool about it! Foundation too pale? All the better for the dead look! If you're lucky like me, maybe you will get to meet Saddam, Hitler and Osama!