Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where do you need these?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Did you play with these when you were young?

Clockwise from top left

Paper ball. When you deflate these and fold it into half, you get your enunch hat. Though why people want an enunch hat is beyond me. Getting your flesh sliced/chopped off is not the definition of fun to me.

Top a.k.a gasing. Not my era and super hard to play.

Air balloons. Mum used to say blowing too much of these will make you retarded. x_x I not stupid hor.

Kuti kuti. Mum and Dad thumbed their noses at these because they don't come with the loops (that will make them look like pendants). Hence, these 'bo ba keh' (don't count) and in kuti kuti terms, are of absolutely no value.

Marbles a.k.a goli. Boys toys. Pah!

Five stones. I love the ones with seeds, but these, sadly, are filled with rice. Bouncy!

Chapteh. This is apparently the 'fake' one as the weight distribution is not very good.

Of course, we still have our hopscotch, zero point, and tok kah (one leg). Ah! How old this makes me feel... +_+