Friday, June 24, 2005

Mr. Stiff Neck (and how he got his name)

Mr. Stiff Neck was telling me about the expensive car crash he was involved in. As expensive as a BMW. He probably will be telling it to me in my nightmare if he had not strapped on. And if he was in a car of lesser substance.

His pictorial description (left to right) of the crash.

Firstly, the car crashed on its back left (where Mr. Stiff neck was sitting). Then it proceeded to bang itself on the back right. And finally went head-on for the concrete wall.

The damage?

Just a BMW.

Destroyed beyond repair. How my heart will ache if that was my car. But my friend told me that he felt like a "Reset" button was pressed because he got off relatively lightly with some brusies and a stiff neck (duh).

Alive! It's alive! But only alive if belt on la! Don't mind it separating on your boobs or pressing onto your full tummy la. Fasten the damn thing!


violet gem said...

it's just a car. mostly importantly is the driver's safety.

jllt said...

Yep! But still will heartache ah. Mr. Stiff Neck told me the driver's father didn't really scold the driver also.

So good to have family love!