Friday, June 17, 2005

Happiness is when people try my recipes and blog about them

My first poll got too cheem for me but I thank all for contributing. Please continue giving your thoughts on the topic. Personally, I feel that the experience of sadness makes us treasure happiness more. You need not know what it means to be depressed in order to be riding on cloud nine, but would it be the same if you live in a hypothetical world where you are happy all the time? What would it mean to be happy then? Or would you still be capable of the emotion? Perhaps sadness operates as a point of reference for happiness, a benchmark of sorts.

On a similar/different note, I was wondering if we will truly be happy with the way we treat others in our lives. Take our parents for example. There will be times when we get too pissed at our loving parents and lash out at them. Or occasions when we have had a tough day and used them as our verbal punching bags. When they are gone, I think I will think along the lines of "I should have treated them better when they were alive". Even if I realize now is a good time to start pampering my parents, and that I do as filial a job as can be done, I think I will still lament the times when I could have done better.

Ah! I don't like thinking about crap! Hahaha...


Check out fabz's version of my shepherd's pie recipe. Looks almost as good as mine. ALMOST. Heh heh...

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fabz said...

heh...thanks for the recipe!