Thursday, June 23, 2005

Big orange sun

Today! I got an orange sun present! :D

What's inside?

It feels warm! My friends must be worried about me not getting used to the winter.

It's something green... Could it be a snake?!

Tada! The Esprit wallet I've been eyeing! Damn nice lor! Got big fat bling blings! I love my sugar pies! They're so sweet!!! I should have made the decision to go Australia sooner! LOL!!!

My strawberry pies and I! (JT, SJ and Me) Old, old pic man. One of the first few times we went Dblo. Lao char bor now la!

Check out the close-up! *Bling bling alert!* Ah! My gals never read my blog about folding a gift bag ah... But the bright sun is good! Can contain my barang barang to bring to Auzzie...

Wait a minute! There's more!!! They even applied an Esprit card for me! OMG! I cannot believe it! The sweethearts! Absolute darlings! Delicious pumpkins!!! Fantastic cuties! Amazing dearies!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

Da card itself! Visa leh... *muack muack sweeties* Tee hee hee... EH!! WAH LAO!!!

The name wrong la friend! Where got call Stefanie Fahning?! Alamak!!!

Ok... That's the end of my bimbo entry... hahaha...

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