Monday, June 20, 2005

Useless Guide - How to make a present bag

I noticed an alarming trend among my friends recently! No one ever wrap presents anymore! Birthday gifts are put into paper bags and given away... How can?! Shredding wrapping papers to pieces is one of the biggest pleasures in the world!

So, today, Miss UGM decided that it is time to share tips on how to wrap an irregularly-shaped present.

Firstly, we need to fold the wrapper into half and tape the ends together.

Make sure the length of the paper is way longer than the present itself.

Fold the bottom of the paper upwards so that it is longer than the base of the present itself.

The sides of the base have to be turned inwards.

Repeat for both sides.

Fold the bottom up.

Use a ruler to make sure the other side is parallel to the just folded side.

After folding, it should look like this:

(Complete with peace-loving fingers)

Open the folded sides and place double sided tape on strategic places as shown.

Don't forget the horizontal parts at the top and bottom.

Peel off the backing to the tape.

And fold both sides down again.

Give the half-completed present bag a 180 degree turn and fold the sides inwards.

Repeat on the other side.

Flip the bag over and you will get this:

You are now ready to open the bag up.

The base will look like so:

The side:

The front:

Monkey can now enter its temporary home!

(Monkey is checking for size)

You can cut the top of the bag like this:

So that it can be folded like so:

Don't forget your double-sided tape at the strategic place! And your peace-sign!

Here's what the side will look like after cutting a flap:

See! Monkey looks way happier with the flap!

The completed product!




Now you can give your friend the biggest present of all! The present bag is ready to be ripped apart!


ei|een said...

ya ya ya! i dunno why everyone is so lazy to wrap presents nowadays. i love wrapping gifts! it makes the suprise all the better!

some of my friends don't even bother taking out the price tag. wah lau.. liddat also can.. jia lat..

end up, i'm always the one who "kena" have to wrap the presents. even christmas presents for their family members also i have to help them wrap. tsk.

by the way, i use this method to wrap gifts too! i love making these little paper bags thingies. but yours look more professional than mine lah. think i must practise more. haha ;)

jllt said...

Haha.. Sometimes quite shuang... To wrap presents... Though my dad just ripped the father's day present to shreds. (@_@")

Steve Metcalf said...

Wow! I'm impressed. Congrats on your talent! I know I'm a very good gift-wrapper, but I could never make a gift-bag . . .

jllt said...

Haha.. It's after extensive research that I found out how to make them!

Esther said...

Nice ~
I managed to make a cute gift bag with this. ^^ ty !