Thursday, November 15, 2007

My first Halloween

I finally got to go! Yay!

I think the best part of Halloween is in the dressing up. No? The partying is nothing much considering you have to beware of the sweat ruining your facial lumps, the drinks removing your carefully painted blood or people rubbing against you spoiling the rented outfit. Yes, dressing up is the best part.

We headed to Huimin's house to dress up. Better leave for the club as a trio of ghosts than as one ghost. If there is anything I dislike about Halloween, it is the lack of scary-looking ghosts. Most people only playing dressing up, with their normal faces. Come on! By the time you are done ruining your faces beyond recognition, no one will know who you are! I guess to look ugly and disgusting is not for everyone.

I didn't know Halloween celebration is more popular on the weekend prior to the 31st itself, so my costume and make-up were hastily put together. I blew $50 on the rented items - a "corset", a wig, and a skirt. Can you guess what I was going to be?

Neither can many after I considered myself fully dressed up. ): Sad. Anyway, starting on the makeup. Before you can ruin your face, you need to protect it. A contradiction? Not really. I want to temporarily ruin it, not give myself the spots for years to come. On went the thick layer of foundation and moisturiser.

Next I slapped on 'normal' makeup on one side of my face, like so:

Hint: See the "heavy" eyeliner?

Looking at the other side of my face which I was supposed to mess up. I wanted a ying yang look? I think the feel is for people to look at one profile and think I look normal and when I turn and they see the other side, they will be woah! Something like the kid in Six Sense when he was walking around the house and saw this teenage guy dressed in the 60s, looking normal. When he turned around, BAM! There's the exit wound of the bullet. Totally cool! Anyway, I digress.

One of the scariest daily look is to have no eyebrows. I admire girls with the courage to remove their brows so they can draw them everyday. Even if my brows are mostly shapeless, I cannot bring myself to pluck them off. I digress. Again. I tried to cover the hairy lines with a dusting of powder. No hope. I added liquid foundation. No change. I slapped on thick concealer. Ah! Finally, we are getting somewhere. Now, I have no brows.

Next, I tried to think of how to make myself look bashed up, short of getting into a real bashing. Still no idea. I dug through my skinny makeup pouch and voila! Liquid eyeliner! Unscrewing the cap, I randomly drew a line on where my eyebrow is supposed to be. Not bad. I started extending the line haphazardly. A little crooked here, a little crooked there. I know! I shall have veins "popping" out! But black is not a convincing colour for vein. For some strange reason, I have a blue liquid eyeliner. So blue veins it shall be! It's very gratifying to not care about whether the lines are straight, because they are not supposed to be. Doodling on your face is something you should not knock. The cooling liquid liner floating on your skin is fun!

After Operation Veins was completed, I turned to my friends ans asked, 'How do I look?'. For the first time, I was not happy to hear the words: you look good! But I don't want to look good! I decided I needed lumps. Here's how you can make your facial lumps:

Lumps 101
1. On your forearm, put a dollop of liquid foundation.
2. Add powder to the foundation.
3. Using your finger, mix the two until you get balls of lumps. Ta da!

Now that you have your lumps, the question is how to put them on your face. Stupidly, you realised too late that you should have began Lumps 101 on your face instead of your forearm. Happily, you are glad your friend has that eyelining glue you can borrow to stick your lumps up.

With the skin toned lumps, I look like the Ah Pek with the mole, except no hair growing out. I want scary, not androgynous. I added fake blood to it and realised, too late again, the following formula I forgot to memorise:

Liquid fake blood + Waterproof liquid foundation (that's a weird phrase) = Stained clothing

Because the frikking blood doesn't mix with the lumps! Happily again, you are glad friend has another bottle of blood you can borrow to mix and yes, it does mix. Yay!

Some black eyeliner smear onto the lumps, lips and under the eye later and you get:

Scary not? Say yes leh. Prease?

For the first time again, I lamented that my skin a bit too smooth to look scary. But my liquid foundation cost $50+ and it's too expensive a lump to have on my face when it can fall off anytime. Final make up was done.

Can I suggest that you leave the bunny/nurse/sexy devil outfit for Valentine's Day? Because there were so many of them at Zouk! On Halloween? Maybe it's just me, but I thought Halloween was supposed to be full of scary looking people rather than sexy ones? I don't understand it.

Oh ya! I still haven't revealed what I was right. There you go:

Pirate with Hamburglar?! Haha... Please don't kill me Beishan. X:

Huimin's friend turned to me and asked the saddest thing of the night, "What are you supposed to be?"

I started screaming and shouting "ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT, GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM!!!!" I think that was my scariest moment of the night. :D We also got in to Zouk for free because we put Ms Scary in front of our groups. She was chosen to be nominated for Most Scary Costume or something. Cool... I'll dig out a pic and upload k?

Phuture was way uncool. Too crowded! And this bitch of a woman kept gyrating wildly and knocking into me and petite Beishan. Shit is the word. Anyway, as I said, clubbing is secondary to dressing up. We sat outside the toilet to cool down and a troop of Chinese vampires came over. One of them hurriedly sat down. Apparently, because of the stiffness and thickness of the costume, and the overwhelming crowd, and the fact that she was interesting enough to wear BLACK underneath her costume, she nearly fainted from the heat. As she sat, her fellow vampires crowded around her. Give her air man! Her eyes were rolling back. Finally, they stripped her costume and she was brought back to life. Imagine the headlines otherwise: Real vampire attacked clubbers at Zouk. So girls and boys, do not wear costumes that are too thick. Big furry animal mascots are no no too. How will you dance? How can you drink? How can you say no to people who wanted to take photograph with you when you are rushing to creating a Merlion fountain of puke in the bathroom? Think about it huh?

Before the end of the night was over, I thought my normal side of the face started to look scary too: