Thursday, June 09, 2005

Idiot-Proofed Recipe - Green Bean Soup

Tada! I went to this shop in Chinatown yesterday:

To buy this:

臭草 (I'm not sure whether this is the correct way to write it but the pronounciation is the same.)

Today's recipe will be green bean soup with 臭草!

*** Ingredients

- Green beans
- 臭草
- Rock sugar
- Rice
- Water

(Sorry, there's no quantity stated because mama said if you want it to be more watery, you add more water; if you want it sweeter, you add more sugar. Very frustrating isn't it?)

*** 绿豆汤的作法

- Put green beans into pot.

The green beans that doesn't look green.

- Add rice (usually a handful will suffice).

Great materials for five stones.

- Pour in water. Tap water will do. Replace lid and bring to a boil under slow fire.

Mama added a tad too much water here.

- Soak 臭草 in another pot of water to remove dirt. After cleaning, pour away the water and add 臭草 to the soup. Stir in rock sugar and simmer under slow fire until the beans are soft. Charcoal fire is the best!

臭草 smells heavenly; not smelly at all.

*** Mmmmmmmm

A cupful of greenbean soup...

It doesn't look green! Sorry the pic doesn't look very appetizing but I couldn't wait to drink my 绿豆汤!

I love to eat the beans...

Chomp chomp chomp.


This is way simpler than the shepherd's pie I recommended earlier. And it's supposed to reduce "heatiness". Marvellous for the local weather. Even if you do not try the recipe, looking at all the greens will be good for your eyes too!


Soli Loquy said...

i dont really like green bean soup and even red bean soup, but quite tempted to ask my mum to try... first time i see ppl put rice! must be special hor? hehe. oh yea can describe how d grass smells like anot? i can only read d 2nd word, not d 1st word. hehe not good in mandarin. :P sorryy

jllt said...

Haha... The rice part is the secret weapon. Can give the soup more "texture". But no need to put too much. Don't think green bean rice will taste nice.

The grass is quite fragrant, a bit like how pandang leaves are used in chinese desserts.

The first word is chou4, as in the "smelly" character. (:

Adrian said...

Nice! *burp*