Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday 2009

Oh man! Older by another year. I think there is a formula in this universe:

Excitement at planning for birthday celebration(s) is inversely proportional to age to be celebrated

The "more matured" I get, the less I feel like celebrating. Be happy about the wrinkles on my face or the sagginess of my cheeks? Bah!

But a birthday is a good reason to receive gifts and get together with friends! Let me get the "thank yous" out first:

Thank you for your well wishes and presents, SBZ, JT, SJ, PY, Debbie, Wailing, Andre, Helen, Mary, Colleen, Eunice, Lyndy, Colin, Magdeline, Lidan, Terence, Beishan, Huimin, Lika, Ivan, Celine, Serene, Liping, Meixin, Joanne, James, Raymond, Hoilan, Dean, Gerald, Meiru, Nhu, Tji Hun, and Edgar! Of course, my family as well! :)

It is not everyday I get sms from people all over the world. :) Thanks for the thought.

He also made the effort to plan a trip. Although it didn't materialise in the end, we still spent a great night here:

And had dinner at Fish & Co, which, by the way, still serves the best grilled calamari I've ever had:

"Deliciousness of calamari is directly proportional to width of smile"

Not to mentioned my friends who had to plan my birthday dinner to suit my on-off-on-maybe-on-off-on sorta birthday "trip":

The girls from waaaaaaaayyyyy back! The guys were too shy? :)

"Can you tell I'm happy?"

Really happy! Yes, I'm 22 by the way. ;)

Girls at the office also planned a 'surprise' for me. Come on, I'm the Queen of Surprises! Who can top me! :) I was in the toilet when they came back, carrying the cake. They sent Celine to stall me but alas! She was disgusted distracted by the "fragrant" toilet that she hurried me back, only to find Lyndy squatting at the table, lighting the candle. Lol... But A+ for the effort!

Best of all! My friends gave me the gift of happiness, health, and beauty! I'm over the moon with all the well-wishes and the effort in planning the "trip", the dinner, and the "surprise". I'm going to be healthy because I'll be getting the cervical cancer vaccine and contact lenses using the ang bao money. Now, how many people on earth can claim they gave their friends "happiness, health, and beauty" as presents?

Ps: One more celebration coming up! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D