Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hello! When is Halloween? 31st Oct right?

How come my friends say people celebrate it today? 27 Oct. Just because it's a Saturday!

I've been wanting to go to Halloween since I was in secondary school. When I looked around, I did not see many people dressing up. I was sad. The one day when you can really go ALL OUT to do something crazy, assume a new identity and NOT get stared at (not too much anyway). But I always read in the papers that there was not much of an ambience then.

This year, I was happily thinking to myself: Never mind! I still have Saturday to go get costume because Wednesday is the big day. Finally! For once, during Halloween, I will not have exams/test/CA/SA/practical/study break, yada, yada, yada. Not that these stopped me from dressing up at home.

So imagine my shock when Friend casually announced to me that we are going Zouk this Saturday (aka today). Huh? For what? I asked. Halloween la! Came the answer. Huh??!!??!!! I'm going to miss Halloween again?!

No way! So off I ambled over to costume shops, which strangely, are located rather near one another. Masquerade (26A Bali Lane Tel : 6292 4889) is the bright pink shop opposite Raffles Hospital. Beware when you drop by here though. To make your way up the stairs will be a neck-breaking activity if you have size 9 feet and are wearing 3" heels. The stairs are at 60 degree incline! Nevertheless, what hit me first was the clothing on the floor! I think the mad rush for costume revealed the ugly side of last-minute shoppers. Many things are carelessly thrown on the floor, which is such a sin really, because they are good clothing and props! This, of course, makes for a longer time to find what you want.

I started digging into the pile for things to get. I think the rate is $50 (non-students; students get special rate of $35) for a whole outfit, including the prop. One advice though, before you go digging, think of what you want. Otherwise you will get distracted by the Roman Soldier Pecs rubber outfit, the kinky salsa dancer's shimmery fringed skirt, or the tribal chief's walking stick, complete with a skull.

By a stroke of luck, I found something I like and continued digging for props. While at Masquerade, I was amazed to see girls who looked like they are in JC or University. Because it's frikking exam times! Don't they have to study?! And what's sad is that, to me, Halloween should be about looking scary or disgusting. Many girls were tearing each other's hair over angel wings, scratching eyeballs over fairy wands, or baring craws to lay paws on nurses outfit. What happened? Was Victoria's Secret coming to stage a show using passerby models?

Anyhoo, Masquerade closes at 8pm (slightly extended for Halloween) so I had to hurry to another costume shop because my head is too big for all the headwear! ): Not empty inside hor!

Next up was No. 1 Costume (32 Aliwal St Singapore 199922 Tel: 6333 9440). This is supposedly the largest costume shop in Singapore. It is quite big, with an area outside that sells props and some outfits. Inside the shop, there are a number of big mascot outfits. Fitting rooms are huge too, with a large selection of clothing. I was told that my friend rented an outfit for $80, so it might be slightly more expensive compared to Masquerade. Nevertheless, there is more walking space and more options. There is also a section with Exclusive clothing aka more well-made clothing. Nice, but still my head is too big.

Alas! No fanciful hats for me. Finally, tonight I am going to dress up for Halloween after spending a grand total of $63.80.

I suspect the getting ready part will be more fun than the clubbing part though. +_+