Friday, August 31, 2007

The story of Bluey

There was once lived a very haolian blue ball named Bluey. He always walked all over his keyboard kingdom proclaiming to the alphabets that he has the biggest flower in the entire kingdom.

He was so happy that he raised his legs and laughed so much until his eyes became wild and his legs were permanently spread.

One day, Bluey was on his daily walk around his keyboard kingdom, haolian-ning as usual. Suddenly, he saw something that made his wild eyes pop...

He even dropped his own flower.

From that day on Bluey the blue ball learnt not to walk all over his alphabets. Not literally of course.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

All hail the invasion

Recently, if you have been to Wisma Atria (isn't it a bitch that you have to get out of the MRT station, walk a distance amidst pushy, sweaty bodies, up a flight of stairs, and down a packed escalator to get into the mall), you will notice the new kid on the block - Cotton On.

Having studied in Australia for more than a year, I don't recall buying anything from the label that originated from Down Under. I bravely ventured into the crowded outlet at Wisma. The first time I went in, I was just checking out the prices. Lower than in Australia if I recalled correctly. I vaguely remember hearing an Aussie bloke at the cashier but dismissed it as a hallucination. After all, I had just ended work. The next day I went back to the outlet to check out the hallucination. Much to my amusement, it was reality. Besides importing the label, the salespeople are from Australia too! Not all of them, but the cashiers were. There was the "How are you today?" greeting together with the "See you later" conclusion. Wow! A real Aussie flavour for the brand!

May I just point out that "How are you today" is a funny greeting to me? Does it mean that you are only concerned with how I am today and not yesterday, let alone tomorrow? Only today is of importance? "See you later" is also amusing to me because if you break it down, you are expecting the person to return on pretty much the same day. How likely is that? Not that I have anything against anyone using these phrases. Technically, I guess they are not as wrong as saying "irregardless" and "double confirm". +_+

I really hope some big shot from the local fashion industry is looking at this blog because I can then implore them to import Aussie labels such as Temt, Valleygirl, and Sportsgirl. Would you resist fashion like these at knockout prices?

I understand that Sportsgirl was available in Singapore. The outlet at Specialist Center closed down quite long ago. Now, however, I feel that Singapore is ready for Sportsgirl to make its appearance again. For one, many Singaporeans studied in Australia and have come to know the brands (I'm talking about the ladies here of course). Secondly, labels in the same price range such as Topshop, Zara, and Mango are well-received in Singapore. If this isn't the time to import the brands, when would you do so?
The most important part? They have new stocks weekly! So if their marketing strategy is the same as in Australia, there is something on sale nearly every week in order to make way for new goods! Smashing! So hurry and import them now!

For your stomach

Recently, I discovered a nice cafe. Big O cafe is apparently the sister of NYDC. Although why they decided that it is female defeats me. I would seriously recommend their signature Big O Cheesecake and Affogato.

Click on image for menu

Their Affogato is a delicious blend of rich, bitter-sweet coffee, and ice-cream topped with whipped cream. While it doesn't come cheap at $8.90 per glass, it is so deliciouly aromatic that it's worth every single drop, which no doubt heads straight for your hips. This little item is hard to find on the menu so just scream its name out.

As for the Cheesecake, it is a decadent serving of chocolate (hazelnut I suspect) and cheese, with an Oreo [?] crust. Even my dad who has an unnatural dislike of most things chocolate finished half the slice that was supposed to have been shared among him, mum, and I. Tsk tsk.

The Affogato brings me back to the time when I was in Australia, heading out for coffee with a buddy. It was smashing to just chill at cafes, reading trashy tabloid magazines, and bitching about this and that. I found myself forgetting names of many places I frequently went. It's time to re-start my Australia posts.

As soon as I get my laptop fixed that is.

The mystery of Orchard

You know this place?

That's right! Cineleisure Orchard.

What I've been wondering is why it is such a magnet for young people towards the night. If you are there on any weekends, you will notice the mountains of people hanging out, with age averaging at 18 years.

What's inside the mall that is so strangely attractive to them? Cinema? Karaoke joint? Food? Retail?

I don't understand this. The place scares me. I feel old. ):

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Sometimes I am very sway. I have to squeeze into the MRT with others at peak hours.

Sometimes I am even more lagi sway. I sat opposite Mr Obscene Yellow Nail.

Ala PCK, Mr OYN had a very long yellow nail. Unlike PCK however, Mr OYN had his on his thumb. So sat Mr OYN opposite me at Marina Bay interchange (I was wearing 3 inch heels that day ok! Need to sit).

When he sat down, I noticed his yellow nail. Ok, maybe he really need that nail to open the Milo tin or to dig his ears (but thumb?!).

But oh gosh! Save my EYES!!! He started playing with the darn thing! In a thoroughly disgusting move, he stroked his nail! I cannot continue anymore. Please see illustration below for clarity. *gag*

Thursday, August 09, 2007


1. When I have flu, I eat all the time.

2. I saw on TV Mobile the other that some feel that our GSS is way too long. Must be the males who are feeling the pinch on their credit cards with the girlfriend's crazy spending. Leave your cards in your own wallets, dudes! Sales rock!

3. I have to wear suits for work. I have often wondered why people have to wear suits. In Singapore no less. What kind of weather and how powerful can the air-con be that you NEED to wear suits? They constrict your movements and are not exactly the cheapest clothing in the world. No thanks.

4. Bird cages are the decoration de jour. I wonder why. What is the significance behind that? I mean are you trying to keep your customers caged up?

5. Many places in Singapore have changed. Not that I have been away for a long time. That's my point exactly. I went to Australia for about 10 months and when I'm back. Poof! Many things are no longer the same. Say, Sentosa. It has this lugging thing you can play together with the new "monorail". Frankly, I like Images of Singapore. Also, when I went to ECP, I notice it has enhanced its hip factor. Near the seafood area (UDMC, they used to call it?), there's a place that blasts loud music. Cool thing to do at a place where you head to chill and listen to the sea? Hmm...

Perhaps the most disappointing change is Newton Circus. When I went there, you can see the ugly competition from the vendors. I don't deny that it is a great convenience for customers. You approach, or rather you get approached, one of these vendors who can organise your whole eating experience for you. First, they help you chope place. Then you can order any food from them. Of course, they will go to stalls under their "territory". Later, when you're done, you can choose to pay the individual stalls when they deliver the food, or you can just give the lump sum to the vendor. Why is this disappointing? I think the whole experience of eating at hawker centres is the walking around. When you see things that tempts you, you buy. If you just sit on your ass and order food you already know, you will not know what kinds of food there are out there, food that you haven't tried. What is the point in this? Especially if you are a tourist, all the more you should stroll around instead to listening blindly to the recommendations from the vendors. That said, their services is not totally useless. For those who are not adventurous with food, these vendors will the guys for you.

I just hope they don't start fighting with one another in front of tourists. Tak glam, my friends.