Saturday, February 17, 2007

Day before CNY

The car park in my estate has never been so full! Every year, many people flock to my old estate to visit their families for reunion dinner. I like!

What did you have for your dinner? I think for many people, the easiest to prepare is steamboat. But having eaten steamboats at my friends', I have come to realise that steamboats have characters of their own. A trip to Liang Seah St near Bugis Junction will make you realise that. Firstly, there are different kinds of stocks. Fish, herbs, chicken, spicy, tom yam, vegetable, ikan bilis or just plain water! I don't know who will use the last one. Probably someone who is so busy cutting up the ingredients that they forgot to make the soup. I'm not sure what's the stock at my place but I sure like it! I think Dad added the abalone "juice" from the can. Hmm...

Anyhoo! This is the first year that we are having the hot plate version as well. Courtesy of my Australian education, which introduced me (and subsequently, my family) to Nandos! Peri-peri sauces from Nandos cannot be added to the soup. I think it will be like added tobasco sauce to soups. So we had to marinate our chicken and use the hot plate! Also, something special this year is mushroom! Not your usual chinese variety or the Japanese Enoki. Gracing our tables and our stomachs are portobello mushrooms and white button mushrooms! Considering that we are using the BBQ function, we might as well add salmon slices.

Throw in our usual ingredient, and this is the steamboat from heaven:

Click on the picture to see all the stuff we had!

Short interval over. Back to packing. +_+

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A little thought goes a long way

I think many people must be showing off the flowers they had received for Valentine's Day. Surely it must be one of the most commercialised "celebration" in the world. Half a dozen roses for $158, I overheard. Nevertheless, in the spirit of "showing offness", I think my presents win. Hands down.

Anyone with the dough can jump into Google, type in "flowers" and hey pesto! A bunch of soon-to-be-dead plants will be delivered at the doorstep, with a card wishing you a "Happy Valentine's Day!!11! From: Your Darling". How very. Very. Very. R.O.M.A.N.T.I.C. I'm swooning... From disgust that is.

Flower as present on VDay is the most boring and predictable gift you can give someone you proclaim to love. I find it a waste of money. On the other hand, maybe that's why some like it: if you love me enough to get me something useless and expensive, you must really love me. Why! I heard that you cannot even request the florist to write mushy verses. No "hunny pumpkin baby pie", no "yours till London Bridge really falls down". Just "To: XXX. Happy Valentine's Day. From: YYY". Wow!

On the other hand, my first gift is infinitely more thoughtful than thorny roses. And just as sweet as sugary chocolate.

Doughnuts from S.J! You have or not?!

What? Stupid doughnuts, I hear you exclaim? Ladies and gentlemen, you CANNOT get these doughnuts without first queuing 2 hours for them! Heh! These babies will put your 5-minute online order of 6 roses to shame.

Present no. 2 is just as power. Sometimes you casually mention to a friend that you like their stuff. And it just happens that that stuff is not easy to find and is certainly out of the way enough to make you sigh and mutter "it's not that nice. However! Said friend will have taken note of your comment, and, despite the famous fact that all girls hate to have friends who go and buy stuff they had bought first (otherwise known as the "me first" syndrome), they will buy you the exact stuff just because they are what they are: friends.

J.T got me these darling earrings when I mentioned that I love them to death and would perish without getting my grubby paws on them. And that I am too lazy to brave the crowds at the busy stall.

Surely a winner over standard off-the-shelves Valentine's Day cards. Pui!

Something rare is something treasured, no? Although no. 3 is nothing terribly expensive (actually, it's almost free), the fact that an anti-Valentine's day-er bothered to give you something because he believes it would make you happy is worth many times more than $6000-a-night hotel rooms. Anyway, I don't mind if you want to sponsor me such a room. Or two. Or three. Or as many as you can afford.

S.K cared enough to move his mouse over the (f) icon in MSN to send me an e-rose.

Something that won't die like real flowers and does not take up any space shall emerge triumphant over your readily-purchased "branded" chocolate that tastes just like generic brands.

Even more amazing is how someone took care to give you a present despite being from a generation that hardly celebrates VDay. If you want love, this is it. Someone who does not want you to feel left out (even if you don't care one way or the other whether a bouquet drops on your lap), and is ever ready to seek out what you like and offer to buy it at the drop of a pin.

Dried mango from Mama. Not cheap ok. $40/kg. You go imagine how heavy one piece is already. I just mentioned that it's nice and she got it.

Mummy dearest heard me exclaim over a stuffed toy at a shop and picked it up immediately, telling me she was going to get it for me. Very touching.

Some days, I had to remind her that I'm over 2 decades old. In spite of my outwards childishness and liking for cute things, I rather just appreciate the thought that comes with the offer. You cannot have any present greater in value than that.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I wish

I wish I am a simple kind of girl
Someone who smiles at strangers
Never suspecting their motives

I wish I can embrace hot drinks
Something to warm cold nights and heart
Never complaining the lack of ice

I wish I laugh more often
Sometimes at everything and anything
Never at everyone and anyone

I wish I can stop wishing
Somewhere out there is a joy
A joy so deep that makes me embrace me

For I am not sorry
That I am me

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's on your list?

Since I returned to my dearest motherland, I have been singing. Look ma! I got a membership to KBox! That's right. I dragged my mum along (and my aunt, on another occasion) to karaoke! Then I marvelled at the linguistic ability of my mum because she can sing in Taiwanese/Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. How many people you know can see the same Chinese characters and be able to sing in dialect? I think I went no less than 7 times. So, so enjoyable to scream.

Someone complained that we always sing the same songs. But some songs are just suitable for our vocal ranges what! Here's a list of the most commonly sang songs. Please remember that we are old ladies. Here goes:

- Jolin Tsai: 倒带 (can act cutie pie)
- Wan Fang: 新不了情 (nice mtv!)
- Jay Chou: 安静, 借口, 简单爱 (the only ones we can keep up with the lyrics)
- Coco Lee: 真情人 (shake, shake, shake)
- Phantom of the Opera (challenge, man)
- Faye Wong: 百年孤寡, 我愿意 (to pretend)
- A-mei: 听海, 解脱 (more challenges)
- Harlem Yu: 戒不掉, 情非得意[?] (happy, happy)
- Dream a Little Dream (a little jazzy, a little husky, a lot performing)
- Stefanie Sun: 遇见 (almost monotonous)
- Chen Jie Yi: 喜欢你 (just for nostalgia)
- Sandy Lam: 伤痕 (old lady song)
- 信乐团: 死了都要爱 (this is power!)
- F.I.R: 把爱放开, 我们的爱
- 五佰: 浪人情歌, 痛哭的人
- 动力火车: 无情的情书

I think there's a lot more but I cannot remember. Haha!

Even if don't sing, also have other things to do. For instance:


Saturday, February 03, 2007

A love affair

I am happy. It has been a long time since I feel this way. The moment I saw you, I didn't like you much. You weren't even with me. In fact, she got to you first.

The first time we met, I didn't think a lot of you. You were arrogant about your brilliance because those around you paled in comparison. I stood there observing you while you were involved in her. Slowly, I began to see your good side. You were unwavering even in times of peril. She wasn't used to someone like you but you showed her you will always be there to support her and not let her fall. This is what makes you unique, special. I have met no other like you.

Once, I wanted to seek you out but I felt that I would be betraying her, my best friend. Besides, I didn't like you, remember?

On another occasion, I went out with her. I knew she was going to meet you. In fact, I encouraged her to. This would be the only chance for me to get close to you, to see you again. I had been dreaming of you since I last saw you. Although I had someone else on the very day we first met each other, you were never far from my mind. Without much prompting, she said she was going to look for you. I resolved not to be blown away by the glow that surrounds you, by the comfort I feel when we were together.

When I watched you with her, a bolt of jealousy surged through my being. I was willing to risk it all. She and I, we have been friends for over a decade. Would you be worth the risk? Would she allow me to have you? I didn't care anymore.

"Can I buy the same pair of shoes as you?"

We are finally together.

Friday, February 02, 2007



Thursday, February 01, 2007



睡着的大提琴 安静的旧旧的
我懂我也知道 你没有舍不得
牵着你陪着我 也只是曾经
你要我说多难堪 我根本不想分开
我没有这种天份 包容你也接受他
不用担心的太多 我会一直好好过
你已经远远离开 我也会慢慢走开
我真的没有天份 安静的没这么快
我会学着放弃你 是因为我太爱你....