Monday, December 03, 2007

Facebook Idiot x 99999998 stage

I know that I'm the last person on this earth jumping onto the Facebook bandwagon. I still want to recommend you to this application: The Room.

I spent the whole afternoon designing my rooms, only to realise I did not save it. !)*&)%@*^#. Anyway, I finally got out of the Facebook Idiot x 99999999 stage and managed to save some rooms before I realised my credits ran out.

Remember the "Friends" show? I read before that they had psychiatrists and such planning Monica's house, such that the layout will show the personality of the characters.

What do you think my rooms tell you about me?

Bedroom. Should be free of clutter according to fengshui master.

Kitchen. Many more appliances I want but no more space. ):

Living room. Guess my favourite colour? +_+

Of course, there are other designs I love but I'm restricted by the application. Nevertheless, I think it's a good place to fantasize and know what kind of interior designs you dig. Good for planning your future house eh?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My first Halloween

I finally got to go! Yay!

I think the best part of Halloween is in the dressing up. No? The partying is nothing much considering you have to beware of the sweat ruining your facial lumps, the drinks removing your carefully painted blood or people rubbing against you spoiling the rented outfit. Yes, dressing up is the best part.

We headed to Huimin's house to dress up. Better leave for the club as a trio of ghosts than as one ghost. If there is anything I dislike about Halloween, it is the lack of scary-looking ghosts. Most people only playing dressing up, with their normal faces. Come on! By the time you are done ruining your faces beyond recognition, no one will know who you are! I guess to look ugly and disgusting is not for everyone.

I didn't know Halloween celebration is more popular on the weekend prior to the 31st itself, so my costume and make-up were hastily put together. I blew $50 on the rented items - a "corset", a wig, and a skirt. Can you guess what I was going to be?

Neither can many after I considered myself fully dressed up. ): Sad. Anyway, starting on the makeup. Before you can ruin your face, you need to protect it. A contradiction? Not really. I want to temporarily ruin it, not give myself the spots for years to come. On went the thick layer of foundation and moisturiser.

Next I slapped on 'normal' makeup on one side of my face, like so:

Hint: See the "heavy" eyeliner?

Looking at the other side of my face which I was supposed to mess up. I wanted a ying yang look? I think the feel is for people to look at one profile and think I look normal and when I turn and they see the other side, they will be woah! Something like the kid in Six Sense when he was walking around the house and saw this teenage guy dressed in the 60s, looking normal. When he turned around, BAM! There's the exit wound of the bullet. Totally cool! Anyway, I digress.

One of the scariest daily look is to have no eyebrows. I admire girls with the courage to remove their brows so they can draw them everyday. Even if my brows are mostly shapeless, I cannot bring myself to pluck them off. I digress. Again. I tried to cover the hairy lines with a dusting of powder. No hope. I added liquid foundation. No change. I slapped on thick concealer. Ah! Finally, we are getting somewhere. Now, I have no brows.

Next, I tried to think of how to make myself look bashed up, short of getting into a real bashing. Still no idea. I dug through my skinny makeup pouch and voila! Liquid eyeliner! Unscrewing the cap, I randomly drew a line on where my eyebrow is supposed to be. Not bad. I started extending the line haphazardly. A little crooked here, a little crooked there. I know! I shall have veins "popping" out! But black is not a convincing colour for vein. For some strange reason, I have a blue liquid eyeliner. So blue veins it shall be! It's very gratifying to not care about whether the lines are straight, because they are not supposed to be. Doodling on your face is something you should not knock. The cooling liquid liner floating on your skin is fun!

After Operation Veins was completed, I turned to my friends ans asked, 'How do I look?'. For the first time, I was not happy to hear the words: you look good! But I don't want to look good! I decided I needed lumps. Here's how you can make your facial lumps:

Lumps 101
1. On your forearm, put a dollop of liquid foundation.
2. Add powder to the foundation.
3. Using your finger, mix the two until you get balls of lumps. Ta da!

Now that you have your lumps, the question is how to put them on your face. Stupidly, you realised too late that you should have began Lumps 101 on your face instead of your forearm. Happily, you are glad your friend has that eyelining glue you can borrow to stick your lumps up.

With the skin toned lumps, I look like the Ah Pek with the mole, except no hair growing out. I want scary, not androgynous. I added fake blood to it and realised, too late again, the following formula I forgot to memorise:

Liquid fake blood + Waterproof liquid foundation (that's a weird phrase) = Stained clothing

Because the frikking blood doesn't mix with the lumps! Happily again, you are glad friend has another bottle of blood you can borrow to mix and yes, it does mix. Yay!

Some black eyeliner smear onto the lumps, lips and under the eye later and you get:

Scary not? Say yes leh. Prease?

For the first time again, I lamented that my skin a bit too smooth to look scary. But my liquid foundation cost $50+ and it's too expensive a lump to have on my face when it can fall off anytime. Final make up was done.

Can I suggest that you leave the bunny/nurse/sexy devil outfit for Valentine's Day? Because there were so many of them at Zouk! On Halloween? Maybe it's just me, but I thought Halloween was supposed to be full of scary looking people rather than sexy ones? I don't understand it.

Oh ya! I still haven't revealed what I was right. There you go:

Pirate with Hamburglar?! Haha... Please don't kill me Beishan. X:

Huimin's friend turned to me and asked the saddest thing of the night, "What are you supposed to be?"

I started screaming and shouting "ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT, GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM!!!!" I think that was my scariest moment of the night. :D We also got in to Zouk for free because we put Ms Scary in front of our groups. She was chosen to be nominated for Most Scary Costume or something. Cool... I'll dig out a pic and upload k?

Phuture was way uncool. Too crowded! And this bitch of a woman kept gyrating wildly and knocking into me and petite Beishan. Shit is the word. Anyway, as I said, clubbing is secondary to dressing up. We sat outside the toilet to cool down and a troop of Chinese vampires came over. One of them hurriedly sat down. Apparently, because of the stiffness and thickness of the costume, and the overwhelming crowd, and the fact that she was interesting enough to wear BLACK underneath her costume, she nearly fainted from the heat. As she sat, her fellow vampires crowded around her. Give her air man! Her eyes were rolling back. Finally, they stripped her costume and she was brought back to life. Imagine the headlines otherwise: Real vampire attacked clubbers at Zouk. So girls and boys, do not wear costumes that are too thick. Big furry animal mascots are no no too. How will you dance? How can you drink? How can you say no to people who wanted to take photograph with you when you are rushing to creating a Merlion fountain of puke in the bathroom? Think about it huh?

Before the end of the night was over, I thought my normal side of the face started to look scary too:


Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hello! When is Halloween? 31st Oct right?

How come my friends say people celebrate it today? 27 Oct. Just because it's a Saturday!

I've been wanting to go to Halloween since I was in secondary school. When I looked around, I did not see many people dressing up. I was sad. The one day when you can really go ALL OUT to do something crazy, assume a new identity and NOT get stared at (not too much anyway). But I always read in the papers that there was not much of an ambience then.

This year, I was happily thinking to myself: Never mind! I still have Saturday to go get costume because Wednesday is the big day. Finally! For once, during Halloween, I will not have exams/test/CA/SA/practical/study break, yada, yada, yada. Not that these stopped me from dressing up at home.

So imagine my shock when Friend casually announced to me that we are going Zouk this Saturday (aka today). Huh? For what? I asked. Halloween la! Came the answer. Huh??!!??!!! I'm going to miss Halloween again?!

No way! So off I ambled over to costume shops, which strangely, are located rather near one another. Masquerade (26A Bali Lane Tel : 6292 4889) is the bright pink shop opposite Raffles Hospital. Beware when you drop by here though. To make your way up the stairs will be a neck-breaking activity if you have size 9 feet and are wearing 3" heels. The stairs are at 60 degree incline! Nevertheless, what hit me first was the clothing on the floor! I think the mad rush for costume revealed the ugly side of last-minute shoppers. Many things are carelessly thrown on the floor, which is such a sin really, because they are good clothing and props! This, of course, makes for a longer time to find what you want.

I started digging into the pile for things to get. I think the rate is $50 (non-students; students get special rate of $35) for a whole outfit, including the prop. One advice though, before you go digging, think of what you want. Otherwise you will get distracted by the Roman Soldier Pecs rubber outfit, the kinky salsa dancer's shimmery fringed skirt, or the tribal chief's walking stick, complete with a skull.

By a stroke of luck, I found something I like and continued digging for props. While at Masquerade, I was amazed to see girls who looked like they are in JC or University. Because it's frikking exam times! Don't they have to study?! And what's sad is that, to me, Halloween should be about looking scary or disgusting. Many girls were tearing each other's hair over angel wings, scratching eyeballs over fairy wands, or baring craws to lay paws on nurses outfit. What happened? Was Victoria's Secret coming to stage a show using passerby models?

Anyhoo, Masquerade closes at 8pm (slightly extended for Halloween) so I had to hurry to another costume shop because my head is too big for all the headwear! ): Not empty inside hor!

Next up was No. 1 Costume (32 Aliwal St Singapore 199922 Tel: 6333 9440). This is supposedly the largest costume shop in Singapore. It is quite big, with an area outside that sells props and some outfits. Inside the shop, there are a number of big mascot outfits. Fitting rooms are huge too, with a large selection of clothing. I was told that my friend rented an outfit for $80, so it might be slightly more expensive compared to Masquerade. Nevertheless, there is more walking space and more options. There is also a section with Exclusive clothing aka more well-made clothing. Nice, but still my head is too big.

Alas! No fanciful hats for me. Finally, tonight I am going to dress up for Halloween after spending a grand total of $63.80.

I suspect the getting ready part will be more fun than the clubbing part though. +_+

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

To save money

I had two Ikea vouchers worth $10 each. Expiring on 22 September 2007.

I went to Ikea and spent 2 hours figuring out what to get.

Not that there's nothing I like in Ikea. On the contrary, I like many things but they are not suitable for me. I mean, where can I put a red couch when the floor in my room is made of bags and more bags?

Plan: Make full use of the vouchers and spent as little excess as possible.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, I finally got these:

To appreciate how well I stuck to my plan, look at this:

For the non-food items. $10.10!

You must be thinking: Ah ha! She didn't consider the 'No Plastic Bags' policy in Ikea! Wrong! I did. What I did not know for that the Pappis Magaz Files that were selling in 2pcs for 10c was in fact already packed as 2pcs. So I took up 2 individual packs = 2 x 2 = 4. Incidentally, the boxes are all folded and sitting on top of my bag-floor.

That's doing pretty good I would say. Now to the food items. The Daim chocolates (fantastic things I tell you) are $7.40. The Ballerina (I don't think you will be shaped like one after eating them) costs $2.90. Not too bad I think. That's $10.30 right?

Here's the number crunch:

Value of vouchers = Absolute voucher value - trip to Ikea - excess paid - things you don't actually need - cost of lunch you 'happened' to miss - return fare when you forgot your Ez-Link has no more value (see below image for rare glimpse at the humble bus ticket)

Value of vouchers = $20 - $1.10 - $0.40 - $20.40 - $1.70 - $1.30 = -$4.90

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A whole lotta muttering

Recently, I longed for the days in Brisbane. Ah! The joys of discovering different cuisines, the fun in walking along Brisbane river (although, technically speaking, it is exercise), the gorgeous AND cheap decorative items selling at K-mart and Target.

So, when I walked past a Turkish restaurant at Robertson Quay, I knew I had to go there one day!

Armed with a fellow lady who has a certain fondness for Turkish and a guy who recently convert to an ardent fan of my blog, we visited Cappadocia Cafe Restaurant.

The decor was much simpler than Ahmet's but it still has a Turkish feel. Alas! We went on a Thursday so little chance of seeing any belly dancer. I'm not sure whether they have belly dancing performance in the first place. At Ahmet's they actually have male belly dancer too! Interesting huh!

After much indecisive muttering to ourselves while pouring over the menu,I settled for Doner Iskender, that is grilled chicken with yogurt.

I didn't eat both! Only the one with the white stuff!

At $16(?), the serving was quite large! There's pieces of freshly baked bread included to soak in the fragrant sauce that has a tomato base. I love my mian bao!

After the meal, we could not resist a visit to Chocolate Factory. I have been searching for Italian Hot Chocolate for so long! Too bad, they don't have it there. The first time I went into the shop to check whether it's on the menu, I was greeted with some rude service. "Everything we have is on the menu!" Bah! I can read you know? I just want to see if they occasionally serve up some specials. However, the second time I went, which was after the Turkish meal, the service was ok. What I don't understand was why there is to be no photography inside the cafe. I mean, if you don't allow us to take photograph of the chocolates, I can understand. But if you decorated the cafe so nicely, what's the issue with a few images here and there? Free publicity somemore.Weird.

In the end, I had Chocolate Espresso Con Panna. Since I don't have the luxury of the picture painting a thousand words for me, I shall have to describe. It was really like an espresso, everything in tiny cup. Not too cheap at $5! It was topped with whipped cream and accompanied by a piece of chocolatey sin. The taste was good but I prefer my Italian hot chocolate. Give me my Italian hot chocolate at Paris-wannabe-in-Brisbane!

I also attended a wedding recently. Having never attended any weddings of a peer, I was at a loss with regards to the "market rate" for the ang bao. I found the amount is directly proportional to the number of stars of the hotel or restaurant and inversely proportional to the degree of separation from the newly wed. That means, a dinner of a direct friend at a 5 star hotel will be more expensive than a dinner for a friend's friend at a 5 star hotel which will be more expensive than a dinner for a friend's friend at a 4 star hotel. Yes?

The wedding favours were nice!

A photo frame, a ball of rose soap. Menu was stolen. :x

As usual, the job hazard kicked in. I started observing the decorations, the writing, and the layout of the place. I "kop" the menu because it is nice. The Don man asked me if, after seeing a wedding, I feel inspired to get married too. I told him I'm more excited about planning one. He said I'm weird. Am I? Huh? Huh? HUH?!?!?!

I also attended a friend's birthday. Technically speaking, it was a dinner and dessert thing. Followed by mahjong!!! I saw how Ms Bday Girl was staggering under the weight of her bag and got the smashing idea! Yeah! Copy other people and feature what's in other's handbags! How original! +_+

Here we are, the handbags of 3 ladies with very different lifestyles:

1. The gym nut postgraduate

2. The cosmetics fanatic sales coordinator

3. The busy, hectic television station assistant producer

Guess who's bag is the heaviest! +_+

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Making the coffee froth

I once had a chance to learn to make coffee using the coffee machine. Not the put water and coffee powder then watch the drip drip drip kind. But the kind where you make a lot of noise. Where you put coffee powder into the holder, press it down real hard, and put into the machine and this and that kind.

So friend was teaching me how to make the froth for my cuppacino. Here's her instructions:

"You take it (the metal cup holding the cold milk) by the handle."

"Then put it here (at the sprout on the machine that makes the froth)."

"Move it up and down slowly."

"You will fill it (the base of the cup) getting hotter."

"Then you have to be careful."

"Because it will rise to the top very fast."

"But you still have to continue the up and down movement."

"If you not careful..."

"The white stuff may spurt out very fast and hurt you."

Saturday, September 01, 2007

New releases

Recently, there has been a lot of hoo-ha over Britney Spears. Here's her new single. Thumbs up or down?

The phone conversation sound seems familiar? Yes! Ex Justin Timberland did that in Sexyback.

And Her Booty Highness, Ms JLo has already released a new single. Yes or no?

Not doing it for me. Sorry.

Finally, here's Ms Flexible, Nicole S-unpronouncable name in her latest video. Hmm or yeah baby?

Many yoga moves in this one.

Friday, August 31, 2007

The story of Bluey

There was once lived a very haolian blue ball named Bluey. He always walked all over his keyboard kingdom proclaiming to the alphabets that he has the biggest flower in the entire kingdom.

He was so happy that he raised his legs and laughed so much until his eyes became wild and his legs were permanently spread.

One day, Bluey was on his daily walk around his keyboard kingdom, haolian-ning as usual. Suddenly, he saw something that made his wild eyes pop...

He even dropped his own flower.

From that day on Bluey the blue ball learnt not to walk all over his alphabets. Not literally of course.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

All hail the invasion

Recently, if you have been to Wisma Atria (isn't it a bitch that you have to get out of the MRT station, walk a distance amidst pushy, sweaty bodies, up a flight of stairs, and down a packed escalator to get into the mall), you will notice the new kid on the block - Cotton On.

Having studied in Australia for more than a year, I don't recall buying anything from the label that originated from Down Under. I bravely ventured into the crowded outlet at Wisma. The first time I went in, I was just checking out the prices. Lower than in Australia if I recalled correctly. I vaguely remember hearing an Aussie bloke at the cashier but dismissed it as a hallucination. After all, I had just ended work. The next day I went back to the outlet to check out the hallucination. Much to my amusement, it was reality. Besides importing the label, the salespeople are from Australia too! Not all of them, but the cashiers were. There was the "How are you today?" greeting together with the "See you later" conclusion. Wow! A real Aussie flavour for the brand!

May I just point out that "How are you today" is a funny greeting to me? Does it mean that you are only concerned with how I am today and not yesterday, let alone tomorrow? Only today is of importance? "See you later" is also amusing to me because if you break it down, you are expecting the person to return on pretty much the same day. How likely is that? Not that I have anything against anyone using these phrases. Technically, I guess they are not as wrong as saying "irregardless" and "double confirm". +_+

I really hope some big shot from the local fashion industry is looking at this blog because I can then implore them to import Aussie labels such as Temt, Valleygirl, and Sportsgirl. Would you resist fashion like these at knockout prices?

I understand that Sportsgirl was available in Singapore. The outlet at Specialist Center closed down quite long ago. Now, however, I feel that Singapore is ready for Sportsgirl to make its appearance again. For one, many Singaporeans studied in Australia and have come to know the brands (I'm talking about the ladies here of course). Secondly, labels in the same price range such as Topshop, Zara, and Mango are well-received in Singapore. If this isn't the time to import the brands, when would you do so?
The most important part? They have new stocks weekly! So if their marketing strategy is the same as in Australia, there is something on sale nearly every week in order to make way for new goods! Smashing! So hurry and import them now!

For your stomach

Recently, I discovered a nice cafe. Big O cafe is apparently the sister of NYDC. Although why they decided that it is female defeats me. I would seriously recommend their signature Big O Cheesecake and Affogato.

Click on image for menu

Their Affogato is a delicious blend of rich, bitter-sweet coffee, and ice-cream topped with whipped cream. While it doesn't come cheap at $8.90 per glass, it is so deliciouly aromatic that it's worth every single drop, which no doubt heads straight for your hips. This little item is hard to find on the menu so just scream its name out.

As for the Cheesecake, it is a decadent serving of chocolate (hazelnut I suspect) and cheese, with an Oreo [?] crust. Even my dad who has an unnatural dislike of most things chocolate finished half the slice that was supposed to have been shared among him, mum, and I. Tsk tsk.

The Affogato brings me back to the time when I was in Australia, heading out for coffee with a buddy. It was smashing to just chill at cafes, reading trashy tabloid magazines, and bitching about this and that. I found myself forgetting names of many places I frequently went. It's time to re-start my Australia posts.

As soon as I get my laptop fixed that is.

The mystery of Orchard

You know this place?

That's right! Cineleisure Orchard.

What I've been wondering is why it is such a magnet for young people towards the night. If you are there on any weekends, you will notice the mountains of people hanging out, with age averaging at 18 years.

What's inside the mall that is so strangely attractive to them? Cinema? Karaoke joint? Food? Retail?

I don't understand this. The place scares me. I feel old. ):

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Sometimes I am very sway. I have to squeeze into the MRT with others at peak hours.

Sometimes I am even more lagi sway. I sat opposite Mr Obscene Yellow Nail.

Ala PCK, Mr OYN had a very long yellow nail. Unlike PCK however, Mr OYN had his on his thumb. So sat Mr OYN opposite me at Marina Bay interchange (I was wearing 3 inch heels that day ok! Need to sit).

When he sat down, I noticed his yellow nail. Ok, maybe he really need that nail to open the Milo tin or to dig his ears (but thumb?!).

But oh gosh! Save my EYES!!! He started playing with the darn thing! In a thoroughly disgusting move, he stroked his nail! I cannot continue anymore. Please see illustration below for clarity. *gag*

Thursday, August 09, 2007


1. When I have flu, I eat all the time.

2. I saw on TV Mobile the other that some feel that our GSS is way too long. Must be the males who are feeling the pinch on their credit cards with the girlfriend's crazy spending. Leave your cards in your own wallets, dudes! Sales rock!

3. I have to wear suits for work. I have often wondered why people have to wear suits. In Singapore no less. What kind of weather and how powerful can the air-con be that you NEED to wear suits? They constrict your movements and are not exactly the cheapest clothing in the world. No thanks.

4. Bird cages are the decoration de jour. I wonder why. What is the significance behind that? I mean are you trying to keep your customers caged up?

5. Many places in Singapore have changed. Not that I have been away for a long time. That's my point exactly. I went to Australia for about 10 months and when I'm back. Poof! Many things are no longer the same. Say, Sentosa. It has this lugging thing you can play together with the new "monorail". Frankly, I like Images of Singapore. Also, when I went to ECP, I notice it has enhanced its hip factor. Near the seafood area (UDMC, they used to call it?), there's a place that blasts loud music. Cool thing to do at a place where you head to chill and listen to the sea? Hmm...

Perhaps the most disappointing change is Newton Circus. When I went there, you can see the ugly competition from the vendors. I don't deny that it is a great convenience for customers. You approach, or rather you get approached, one of these vendors who can organise your whole eating experience for you. First, they help you chope place. Then you can order any food from them. Of course, they will go to stalls under their "territory". Later, when you're done, you can choose to pay the individual stalls when they deliver the food, or you can just give the lump sum to the vendor. Why is this disappointing? I think the whole experience of eating at hawker centres is the walking around. When you see things that tempts you, you buy. If you just sit on your ass and order food you already know, you will not know what kinds of food there are out there, food that you haven't tried. What is the point in this? Especially if you are a tourist, all the more you should stroll around instead to listening blindly to the recommendations from the vendors. That said, their services is not totally useless. For those who are not adventurous with food, these vendors will the guys for you.

I just hope they don't start fighting with one another in front of tourists. Tak glam, my friends.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mystery of the disappearing taxi

Ask any driver which vehicles are the most irritating on the road of Singapore and they would most likely reply, "Taxi lor!". With the abundance of taxis in Singapore, making illegal stops and last minute turns, why is it simply impossible to hail one when it's raining or during peak hours?

Dear all, please don't spoil market and order a cab everything it rains or during peak hours ok?

Friday, July 20, 2007

My old skool Singapore

For the purpose of work, I sometimes need to hunt for images of the old Singapore. With the nation's birthday coming soon, it is time to show my patriotic side (not that I have any other sides for my country :P) and introduce everyone to a fantastic website for you to reminise or simply pass time while waiting for the clock to strike 6.

Ladies and gentlemen, at the National Archive search portal, you can find many a gems like these (WARNING! Those not from my generation will be scratching heads in bewilderment):

Toa Payoh MRT was once sparkling new

You know her occupation from her clothing*

This is what comes to mind when you think of monorail and "cable-ru car"

Enjoy your random searches for this and that of Singapore!

*Missy lor!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Housemates from Hell

I thought I'll blog about my birthday. I thought I'll blog about my work. But you are not interested, right?

Let's get to something juicier, shall we? We all love to cringe and laugh as the (mis)fortunes of others. Here, I have compiled some of the most horrible of horrible housemates my friends met while they were studying overseas.

The Dowager
Friend A was staying with a Chinese family. For one of the holidays, she had invited her friend over to have dinner with her. So there she was, merrily cutting up cold meats and preparing a scrumptious feast to share with her friend.

Now, you must understand there is like old lady in the Chinese family. Much like the dowager we see in old Hong Kong dramas, this lady commands respect. AND has an irrational dislike of someone else living in her palace, namely my friend. Friend was cutting meat. Cut, cut, cut. Dowager was mumbling in the background about this and that. Mumble, mumble, mumble. Dowager suddenly reached out from behind her to grab something. Spurt, spurt, spurt.

Friend stared in stupor at the blood spurting out of her forefinger from the cut wound. Dowager had pushed her aside without caring that she was holding a sharp object. And Friend cut her finger. Deep.

To make a long story short. Friend called her friend. Her friend came to send her to hospital where the doctor promptly went white at the blood. Before they close the door while leaving for the hospital, Dowager could be heard mumbling in the background about "somebody" not cleaning up before she left the house.

The Cheapo
Friend likes her new place. She has plenty of room and sunshine. What more could she ask for? On numerous occasions however, she realised Cheapo likes to come home just when she was cooking dinner. Strange that. Because Cheapo loves to drop into the kitchen, peep around, and wonder aloud what Friend was cooking. Naturally, for the first few times at least, Friend bothered to reply, telling her what was on the stove. Cheapo would "WAH!" multiple times, exclaiming her delights at the simplest of meals, say, white rice.

Friend, being nice, would offer her some. Cheapo will NEVER, EVER, EVER reject. In fact, she would do one better. She would go to the larder, search around, and suggest opening Friend's canned food for dinner too! Why not eat her poor? Cheapo wondered to herself.

Friend would be left, at the end of the meal, with the pots and pans to clean because Cheapo would have to "rush" for her next appointment. *Blurp*

The Madness
First mistake: Friend moved in with then-boyfriend. Second mistake: Friend broke up. All hell broke loose. The Madness went on a well, mad, rampage to take her things and vehemently denied doing so. So, there could have been a break-in where all of The Madness's stuff were left untouched while the burglar just went for Friend's $10 wallet? And leave her laptop on her table? Wow! Kind burglar.

Friend felt she had to move out. So she did. Once, she went back for her stuff with two guy friends waiting outside the house. The Madness began a screaming match with her, which forced the 2 guy friends to check out what was happening. When The Madness saw the guys, he grabbed and knife and started threatening them.

Luckily, no one was hurt. But Friend lost many of her prized possessions forever.


Morale of all stories: Choose your housemates wisely. If you don't know them before moving in, make sure your room has a strong, sturdy lock.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Get going already!

I need to take the train and bus to and from work daily. Public transport in Singapore is great, ain’t it? Gets you to almost every corner of the island. But I suspect, like me, there are fellow passengers whom you rather see driving their own cars. Who are they? Let me enlighten you, so you will nod your head in vehement agreement with me.

The one who blocks
Usually one of the ladies who love to put their EZ-Link cards in some obscured corner of their very packed bags. When repeated slamming against the card reader at the exit is met with the gates stubbornly refusing to open or the reader emitting loud, unpleasant “tee tee tee” sounds, which you most definitely do not want to hear early in the morning, they will stand right where they are while they delve into the depths of their abyss of a bag to hunt for the elusive card. Which they will find, of course. After wasting 10 minutes of your time.

The one who plays music aloud
Mobile phones are a bane, seriously. It has our hearts palpitating when we realize we have left it at home. The watch is rendered useless as is the alarm clock because it’s all taken care of by trusty old handphone. We no longer memorise any phone no. because there is simply no need to unless the battery goes flat. Enough about cells already!

These days, they have become music players! Some irritating buggers treat public transport as their musical playgrounds, often playing awful songs aloud to disturb everyone. What’s more is that the quality of the sound system does not even come close to having earphones. Please, just save up some dough, get the correct gear, and plug in the earphones.

The one who parks their asses on the railings
Railing are for hands, geddit? In the peak morning human traffic of public transport, asses and their cracks are not supposed to be anywhere near railings, dear. Beg for a seat if your lovely bum bum simply can’t stand standing.

The one whose bag needs a seat
More often than not, they are also the ones who feign sleep when people who need the seat more board the transport. Suddenly preoccupied with studying their nails or spilt ends, they refuse to move their bags out of the way. Sometimes, I wish to question whether their bags have also paid the full fare.

The one who looks
Looking is fine. Admiring others is fine. But no to craning your neck to read my newspapers or to spy on my sms. Rude, rude, rude!

Have you met more people on public transport who pisses you off? Pray share so I know I’m not alone in my disgust.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

No time to shit

If you are wondering about the lack of updates, it's because during the past two weeks, I was

- working till 9pm on most days; 3am on one
- invited to (and attended) 3 KTV sessions
- visiting bars, pubs, hotels, and clubs
- given a chance to work in Macau
- running all over the place, trying to complete tasks given during the last second
- cancelling appointments and making promises to meet up with long-time-no-see friends
- trying to schedule shitting time in between sleep and work
- thoroughly enjoying my work and colleagues

Yes, working for long hours is bad for your sleep, skin, mentality, and bowel movements. Luckily, I'm doing what I love.

Time to take a crap

I'm alive and busy, yes






Saturday, March 31, 2007

I love them, and they love me back

I mean, I have never really gotten anything from this blog, have I? Sure, there's the occasional high when I get "Tomorrow-ed" or when someone refers to my blog. But blogging for an audience is certainly no easy matter. 'What topics are they interested in? How to be interesting and original?' Yada, yada, yada.

So I blog about myself.

Remember how 黄熊熊 wanted to hand himself on a plate to 美狗狗 and saw a weird chicken at Harbourtown? And how I raved about Nando's and wondered why they are not available in Singapore? And how we had the Nando's sauces for reunion dinner? Payback time because I received this today!

My very first parcel from USA!

Cost $5.60! That's USD for you, mister!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The kind people at Nando's picked up on my post about Nando's reunion dinner and gave me a shoutout on their site! Click, click, click!!!

The goodies!

A smashing, personally signed letter from Nando's David! I mean, how many people actually sign letters or even write letters nowadays? Great marketing tactic, David! I am sold!

Oh yes! I love it hot and wild. But I can be sweet and mild too! (^o*)/")

Tell David ( your misery when your sauces run low and you cannot replenish them here in Singapore. Maybe he will be kind enough to send you some! I certainly don't mind for my brain has stopped functioning since CNY eve. (+_+")

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The last burst

I am a suaku. Ever since I returned to my motherland, I had only hit the clubs once. I haven't even seen St James. The Cannery? Sure, but only en route to Coffee Bean at Boat Quay. So what do you think about The Cannery? I'm not sure where the bird cage is, but it sure looked crowded during the weekends.

What kind of music do you like when you go clubbing? I don't understand the House/Trance variety. At MOS yesterday, it was the music of choice. Judging from the people around me, I was the only one who did not appreciate its appeal.

I also don't understand the appeal of alcohol. It tastes vile, costs the skies, and doesn't exactly screw your head to your neck the next day. It also causes your liver to harden and translates to various kinds of output in the loo (if you're lucky).

But still, I like to go to the clubs now and then. It's loud enough for you to be screaming without getting embarrassed. It's smoky and dimmed enough to make everyone seem reasonably good-looking. It gives you the perfect reason to cosy up with your friends without coming across as too desperate. After all, it's all for fun!

The pseudo kisses

The real kisses

The tongue-outs

And bringing gingerbread girl out for some drinks.

I wonder when the next trip will come.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

They have more

Is it me or do you also think that secondary school students today are much richer than you were in your time?

A walk around the neighbourhood mall today revealed that students have more pocket money than I did when I was in uniform. Why, they nary bat an eyelash when heaping up those "by weight" candy, kilogram by kilogram. When I craved for strawberry rope, I had to carefully measure each gram to make certain that I bought the bare minimum.

If we did shop, it was at Giordano or Hang Ten. I notice the uniformed crowd at Mango, Zara, and Armani Exchange now. During Valentine's, they don't just gather around the sweet aisle in supermarkets. No m'dm! The buzz is at Sins, Godiva, or Royce.

It's not fair. I only want one cup of chocolate shake from Godiva. ):

Well, I bought 4 pairs of shoes today. So there!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Of shoes, manshirts, suspenders, and the quirks of Japanese magazines

I suppose I have more than 50 pairs of shoes. If not for the restriction of my shoe rack, I think I will have more. Thankfully, the irritating shoe rack saved my wallet.

Of the 50 pairs, I keep wearing one pair to death. If you have never witness my footwear purchases, you will not be faulted for thinking I only have a pair of heels. Alas! All good things come to an end. After 6 years of slavery; of trips to Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Gold Coast; of numerous shopping trips; of countless runs for buses; it is finally time to bid farewell to my faithful black heels.

You are so comfortable on my feet!

You carry your battle scars well!

Why did you get fatally wounded?

It was repaired about a year ago. I was surprised that it didn't fall to bits at the hammering of the cobbler. On my trips to various states in Australia, it was the one footwear I never failed to bring along. It braved many-a-walks in the rain, and could stand up to the toughest shopping route. Bravo, my dear! When you showed me your last and final scar, I decided that it would be an insult to your courage if I put you in the hands of Mr. Cobbler again. Rest in peace, my friend, rest in peace.

Flipping magazines is one of my favourite leisure activities. I subcribed to Cosmopolitan and Cleo in Australia. Over here, I buy Female on a regular basis. My bad habit is to be unable to crap (of the anal kind) if I do not have some kind of reading material. Brochure, instructions, information on the backs of toiletries. Anything! Hmm. Ok. I was introduced to Vivi by a leftover copy at my place in Brisbane. The copy I read was for the Autumn/Winter season. Gorgeous clothes, I tell you!

Recently, I bought the April (Spring?) issue from Kinokuniya. Sadly, Vivi became very cutish, very young. At $14.50 a pop, it's twice the price of most local publication. Neverthless, if you dig fashion, especially Japanese fashion, or if you just plain like to bitch about the unfairness of life, why this model has EVERYTHING, or if you like to marvel at the effort Japanese put into dressing up, or if you want to know how to style you hair in a way that is GUARANTEED to make people in Orchard stare at you (you know how little it takes for that to happen), or if you simply, like me, need something for the toilet trip, try Vivi.

A manshirt was paired with a sweater or cardigan. Throw on some heels and glam it with a glitzy clutch and you got yourself an outstanding outfit!

She makes it look so simple, doesn't she?

Of course, it would work better if you have legs like hers. Make that face like hers. Hmm. Oh. And figure like hers. Put this on someone else, I suspect it will look like a (failed) raid of the boyfriend's wardrobe.

Suspenders is something that was really IN before I left Australia. I did not see many people who could carry off the look however.

Is it a tick or a cross for her?

I saw this look once or twice in Singapore. Once, in a very, very wrong way. The lady in question wore her suspenders outside her boobs, very tightly. The lines were all wrong.


This reminds me of something else I saw. I saw this woman with a cropped, tight vest that was secured beneath her ample bosom. It looked like a outerwearing bra without the cups. WRONG!

Japanese magazines are very interesting. Because they like to use the same models. Not within just the same issue; but in many, many, many issues! I have no idea why. Is this related to the long-term employment characteristic of Japanese firms? Certainly something that is not common in other countries. What's more interesting is that they prefer to use Eurasians. Perhaps that's not new. Local magazines also tend to favour models of mixed ethnicity. I wonder why.

Did I mention that I read Japanese magazine to bitch about the models as well? Here's Lena.

Notice how she has almost symmetrical moles at the corners of her lips?

You can hate her too.