Monday, December 03, 2007

Facebook Idiot x 99999998 stage

I know that I'm the last person on this earth jumping onto the Facebook bandwagon. I still want to recommend you to this application: The Room.

I spent the whole afternoon designing my rooms, only to realise I did not save it. !)*&)%@*^#. Anyway, I finally got out of the Facebook Idiot x 99999999 stage and managed to save some rooms before I realised my credits ran out.

Remember the "Friends" show? I read before that they had psychiatrists and such planning Monica's house, such that the layout will show the personality of the characters.

What do you think my rooms tell you about me?

Bedroom. Should be free of clutter according to fengshui master.

Kitchen. Many more appliances I want but no more space. ):

Living room. Guess my favourite colour? +_+

Of course, there are other designs I love but I'm restricted by the application. Nevertheless, I think it's a good place to fantasize and know what kind of interior designs you dig. Good for planning your future house eh?