Sunday, June 29, 2008

A joke

4 men were
playing mahjong.

Being old men, they had quite a bit of phlegm. So they used

the spittoon

and all contributed to its sticky contents.

One men was sick of playing with cash, so he announced, "Let's have some variety today! The loser shall take a sip from the spittoon."

And so it was agreed upon; the loser shall have

a drink of gunk.

In an hour, the loser was decided. Plucking his courage, he took up

the spittoon

and opened his mouth. The others watched with morbid fascination as his throat moved up and down. It was only until he had tipped the entire contents into his mouth was Lao Lin able to exclaimed,"A sip man! A sip! Why did you finish everything?"

"It just kept coming."

Friday, June 27, 2008

Definition of delegation

This is Ivan's cake:

Idea partially by me + work done by Eunice = Delegate

We are a great team!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My childhood favourite

Hello! You remember what is your favourite childhood tidbit? This is mine:

This Collon and the body's colon are not too different! Both with fattening stuff inside. :P

According to Eunice, you have to bite the biscuit first, then lick the cream. But to-may-to and to-mat-to, I say you pop the nasty fattening creamy roll into your mouth and bite down!

Oh yes! For this tidbit, only the original flavour will do. No chocolate or strawberry. Just like only original Oreos, Coke's cola, Nutella hazelnut spread, Mama's tomyam noodles. Only one flavour needs apply.

When I was young, my elder brother always told me that chocolate are for boys only. Girls can only take vanilla or strawberry because white and pink are girl's colours. Do you remember watching period drama from TVB? We used to glue to the screen wondering why some "heroes" wear black boots and others are dressed in white ones. Our conclusion? Black boots-wearing heroes are more powerful than whities.

Makes sense? :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I don't think many places sell traditional food nowadays. Those like the "Abacus Yam balls" or "Pig trotters with vinegar and ginger" or "Mee sua in Chinese red wine". I'm lucky. Except for the yam thingies, I have relatives who know how to make the others. Not too long ago, Dad made a hokkien dish that is hard to swallow. Literally.

Here's the steps:

1. Make the mixture of water, corn flour, fried dried shrimps, roasted peanuts, fried shallots and garlic, cooked minced meat. Stir just before cooking to make sure the flour don't settle at the bottom.

2. Pour mixture into large wok that has heated oil.

3. Whip it with lightning fast hands. Wooden spatula please. I think Dad broke one while whipping.

4. Whip it!

5. Whip it! Notice parts turning transluscent.

6. When the dough is cooked, it will turn transluscent. Transfer to a bowl.

Tada! The final product!

This is a chewy, gooey dough. Remember to chew before u swallow!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bday 2: Many celebrations = much fun? Yes!

Let's count the ways to celebrate a birthday:

1. Shop for birthday presents for me.
2. Sing KTV and play with the smoke machine inside.
3. Cut an apple strudel "cake".
4. Eat duck's tongue with bossman.
5. Go gossip in a noisy club with friends.
6. Pay for my own slice of "birthday cake" at TCC.
7. Hold an opening ceremony for the red clutch.
8. Head to Batam to kayak in the rain.
9. Club with only one other person in the club.
10. Meet ex-colleague to gossip.
11. Buy shoes. Shoes. And shoes. And bags of course.
12. Meet another clique and drool over NYDC's mudpie.
13. Meet Aussie schoolmate and eat.
14. Be the proud recipient of Aussie products.

I think I still have one group of friends to meet up with. Oh yeah! The longest-running birthday celebrations eva!

Gracie's hubby is really cute. He wrapped my birthday present and decided to add his own touch of creativity:

Gracie remarked she thought they were matches. Haha...

With the JC-Uni bruch, we headed for Sakae at Wheelock and sat in holes. The "tatami" area are actually on raised platform with holes for you to slot your feet in. That's better. Otherwise, when we remove our shoes, I think the restuarant will be emptied in seconds.

Draw, draw, draw a face in the melting mudpie.

Do you know why they call a mudpie a mudpie? It looks disgusting but tastes heavenly. Top choices included The Coffee Club's muddy mudpie and NYDC Cookies version. If you're talking about cheesecake, I like Coffee Bean's and Big O's. I've tried Hilton's but I think it's a tad too strong for me. x:

When I met Joey, we will always discuss when we will go back to Australia together. I met her in my first semester there. Sadly for her, it was her last semester and she could not enjoy my company more. x: Haha... I supposed not everyone as enthu as me to take public transport and travel all over Brisbane on a whim. I think she only clubbed trice while in Australia for 2 years. All three times with moi. (^-*) OK. I'm getting irritating.

Anyway, on behalf of those who have studied in Australia, we are not hao lians. Some of us truly wanted to share our experiences there. You may exclaim "No big deal what! Study overseas dai sai meh!" It's no biggie, but remember we spend at least a year there, by ourselves, where everyday is like a giant chalet with housemates/classmates/neighbours bunking in, knocking your house down to get out of the winter cold, watching telly and bitching about celebrities, cooking a storm in the kitchen, pigging on pizzas, dyeing each other's hair, trying new recipes, planning mini road trips. With so many activities that we managed to squeeze within our time there, naturally there are many memories.

I supposed it's not interesting to those who did not go through the same experiences. Just bear with us and realise that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you learn that you are actually not a good navigator (MRT stations notwithstanding), that you can actually eat alone, that shopping by yourself can be quite fun. Anyway, I try to stick to "Aussie talk" with fellow "Aussie students". If I happen to start a sentence with "When I was in Australia...", please spare me some seconds to complete my sentence before interrupting with "there she goes again...". Except, except, if it happens within 2 minutes of the previous "Aussie experience statement." x:

So, Joey wanted to remind me of the great dry continent, and she bought me these:

Malteasers, Vinegar chips, Arnotts Pizza biscuits, Cadbury's Freddo, and Dip Stix. Luckily, no Marmite in sight. x:

If you have the chance, try the Vinegar chips. They are a wonderful experience. On first bite, you have no idea what hit you. WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?! Slowly, your tastebuds will come to life, and dissect the burst of flavours in your mouth.

Wait a minute, that was not the salt... *smack smack* Yes... there's a bit of salt... but hold on... there's that gorgeous vinegar... Mmmm...

That should be all for my birthday. Thank you everyone who celebrated with me or dropped me messages here, there, and everywhere!

You love me, you really love me!!! *sobs*

Monday, June 09, 2008

The perfect bag for accessorising

Colleen bought an amazing bag:

From M)phosis. $38.60. Available in white.

Once I saw her bag, I have many ideas!

The country girl

The director of Sales & Marketing

The Marketing Executive

The Sarah Jessica Parker wannabe

The present look

The extra ribbon around look

It's scary how I found all the accessories on my table. x:

Sunday, June 08, 2008

You know how Orchard is a mad, mad place now? With GSS and tonnes of renovations, the last thing you need is this woman staring at you while you are waiting to cross the road:

She's one of the 4 "fashionistas" crossing the road (Ala Beatles style) in the huge posters plastered all over town . I don't see any of the Fab 4 looking sideways. Why is she the only one to turn her head to look straight through us, with her cheekbones protruding out, too much blusher & eye liner, and a poorly fitted dress?

Oh, and it just so happened that she's not the prettiest of the lot. +_+

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bday 1: A year older, a year wiser? Nah!

I'm in the midst of celebrating my birthday. Yes, you read right. Midst. Technically speaking, it is a week after my birthday, but I still have friends I haven't met yet. So far, there has been 6 "celebrations"? And maybe 3 more to go? :)

Ok, ok. So maybe we just met for dinner. Gimmi a chance can? I want it to be my birthday, my party!! Why so many? When I was 21, I had a BBQ where everyone was invited. It was taxing for me to be the social butterfly, making sure the sec. school group had enough stingray, the JC group had full plates, and the family did not feel too used (they were the ones fanning the fire afterall). What's more, I missed out on serious gossips (OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!) and meaningful discussions ("Do you think xxx looks worse after leaving sec school?"). Now, I have mini-celebrations with people from different phases of my life!

28 May
Two bags are courtesy of Papa! Yay!!!!!!!!!

Colleagues asked a week ago how I was going to celebrate my birthday. I thought I was going to go somewhere so I did not commit. In the end, I did go somewhere but just not on this day.

Ivan thought today was my actual birthday (don't kk... I know you didn't know it wasn't) and handed me the present from the sales team:

Some of the presents. Guess who gave what? :)

I think they know me well lor. Look at the items. Most are bags! I adore bags! I have over a hundred! x: Don't tell mama... I wanted to use the brown bag they got me to bring to TopOne KTV but it was too small to contain my brolly, wallet, mp3 player... Yada, yada, yada. Ya, I'm an auntie.

Dearest Eunice got me the Lipglass in a colour that was the same as the top I was going to wear on my birthday! Psychic power! She also included a smashing card with the heart-shaped nose monkey. :)

29 May, lunch

This was the day I received many SMSes and Friendster messages. From people I have not seen in ages! Thanks Debbie, Dre, Lifen, Raymond, and Meiru! Some people say Friendster is not sincere. People add you as friends when they are not. Or they message you even though they have not seen you in ages. I rather think the thought is good enough. You don't have to keep seeing someone to be their friend.

Bossman treated me to birthday lunch at the beautiful Grand Shanghai:

I heard they clear the tables in the middle in the evening to make way for dancing!

I'm usually quite game to try exotic food. Ended up only bossman and I ate the duck's tongue:

Chewey + Springy = Yummy!

Maddy gave me the red clutch (love it! immediate opening ceremony I tell you) and bossman ended the meal with a sweet note.

29 May,night

After rushing home to pack for next day, I headed out with my girlies for Dblo. We were the most unhappening people because we are working people? Everyone else was shaking like mad, but there we were, sitting in the middle of nowhere screaming to be heard. Because we were gossiping. Haha...

When SJ asked me what I wanted as present, I was thinking hard. Forget it la! Friends for more than a decade, just say lor. I ended up with a bigger "Travel fund". :)

30 May - 1 June

Batam! The Don and I stayed at Batam View resort. I knew it would rain and it did. Day 1 was a slight drizzle. Day 2 was a power downpour. While we were kayaking in the lagoon. And you know what? After we shortened our kayaking trip and showered, the sun was out in its full glory. Shit.

Runty decided to join us:

"Super Runty"

Sunrise from the balcony

Relaxing the feet on the balcony can cause cramps. +_+

Mad porridge concoction. Nice leh.

Nice villas there. The storm clouds were stupid though.

The most interesting part of the stay was clubbing in the hotel. With just us two in the club. Lol...

More to come in Part 2! When the mini-celebrations over ok! :)