Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bus Theory Part II

Read here for Part I.

Together with Heavenly Sword's contribution, here's Part II.

Sometimes, we wait for love for so long that we take whatever is available. In the same way, after waiting for the bus for so long, we may give up and hail a cab. Sure, it may not be the ideal transportation for us, but time is running out.

Right after you hop into the cab, you see the bus behind you. What do you do then? Do you alight from the cab and take the bus, or do you continue on with the cab? You would want to have both, but we know we can only take one mode of transport at any one time (monogamy is common in most societies after all).

In your heart, you know what you really want is the bus but you are obliged to pay for the taxi fare at the very least (alimony?). If you take the first option of giving up the cab, would you be able to take the bus without any guilt? Continuing on with the cab would in turn make youwonder forever what it would be like if you had waited for the bus instead.

So, my friends, check your wallet to see if you can afford to take the cab for your full journey.


Adrian said...

Hahaha, take MRT lor.

Anonymous said...

What if you get down the cab(save some money), get on the bus, sit down for 2 minutes, aunty behind you talking to her friend :

"Eh, take 187 faster leh. Should have waited a while more, this bus go so long way one!"

Do you get down that very bus you waited for in the very first place to wait for the 'faster better and never before known to you' bus? lol! (i can laugh but this is serious you know?)

jllt said...

adrian: MRT coming up in Part III. I think.

simplicate: Then you'll be Elizabeth Taylor?

The Buzzing Fridge said...

Hmm...what if the bus i waiting for is so packed until the bus driver just zoom past the bus stop without stopping?

Or my bus just zoom past me cos the driver never see me waiting at the bus stop??

Like that how eh? Should i chase after that bus, take another bus, take cab?? Or MRT?? Or maybe i can take down the bus number and write letter to SBS to complain hor =P

jllt said...

If it's one-sided then shouldn't pursue it right? There won't be any happiness by forcefully getting onto the crowded bus.

Even if the bus picks you up the next time round after you have complained to SBS, it will be because of orders from a superior, not out of the willingness of its own heart.

Forget it la! 勉强是没有幸福的! (There will be no happiness in forcing the issue!).

So taking an alternate mode of transport or route would be the best way out! (: