Friday, July 01, 2005


It was a great day out because I had these:

We exchanged them for Man of the House, starring Tommy Lee Jones.

But my day was spoilt because I sensed another assault targeted at my fame. As usual, my friend told me to wake up my idea and concentrate on enjoying local food while I still can. So it's back to more phototaking of the delicacies.

Warning: The following photos will cause uncontrollable drooling.

Sirloin steak in wild mushroom sauce from Phin's at Cineleisure.

But even the oh-so-delicious steak could not stop me from feeling that something big and hairy was following me. So I tried even harder to act the shutterbug and took photographs of other food from Baker's Inn.

Passion fruit and strawberry soda. Drink already will become passionate? Heh heh...

Ginger milk pudding. Not for the heaty.

Rose tea for rosy cheeks?

A disgusting Act Cute® photo worthy of Friendster.

I tried! I really did! But I was proven right once again! This was standing right in front of me!

*It was big and hairy!

I've got me a stalker! Straight from Don A.Q.'s Planet of the Roaches! Yikes!

*It's not real lah! Just a prop for a Baygon advertisement at bus-stop. I love the advertisements they have at bus-stops when they use this kinda over-the-top props and those they put on the rear ends of buses. But hor, if I helping Baygon with this ad, I won't put a cockroach that looks as healthy as this. And definitely not one that is hugging the Baygon poster (opposite side) because it's like the insecticide has no power. I think it's better to put a shrivelled roach with this caption on the other side: We get them. Even the XL ones.

How? Any advertising company want to employ me? (^-*)


Adrian said...

Heheh, I think that's a swell advertising idea, dear.

starstar said...

wah lan eh.

see the cockroach will run away T_T

Anonymous said...

i think i saw you at mango yesterday...


Daniel said...

I wonder how many girls burst out screaming upon seeing the gargantuan roach.

Adrian said...

Daniel: I think more girls have burst out screaming upon seeing my gargantuan p- I mean, pride.

may said...

HA. screaming with delirious joy...?

the cock- roach only got 5 legs!

jllt said...

adrian: Thanks sweetie! Next time employ me k!

starstar: It's so cute leh! If I was dressed nicer I would have taken a pic with it!

greenpea: Is it? Never say hi? Heh heh... I was damn sian at the sales... Too lazy to browse.

daniel: I burst out, "So cute!" when I saw it.

adrian: WooooOOoOoOo... *proud*

may: I think someone must have attempted to kill it to stop a girlfriend from screaming.

artsoweek2005 said...

2 things I noticed about Baygon ads:

At the bus stops, with their "Insects of the World", they include spiders. Spiders are NOT insects.

And for the bus ads, with the entire mess of dead cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, centipedes etc etc, they have loads of dead butterflies. Now what the hell did the butterflies do to the people who use Baygon??!

Ivan said...

Oops, the above comment was by me. Damn. Too many different accounts to take charge of.

starstar said...

i dont know about butterflies but moths do irritate me.

anyway, a butterfly is an insect, but a caterpillar is not right? so it's an insect at stage 1, not an insect at stage 2 and 3, then metamorphosises to become an insect again?

Daniel said...

humans like to kill everything. That's just the way it is.

Daniel said...

and I think someone took the missing leg home to use as a back-scratch.

Anonymous said...

lol, i saw you in a glance, then my friend drag me to see something, i turned back.. your gone.. lol !


ei|een said...

can you imagine that huge cockroach coming to life and flying all around..

argh! attack of the plastic-o-roach!

yes, flying cockroaches scare the shits outta me. eeeewwww..

baaaaad cockroach.. baaaaaad..

ei|een said...

oh, and i think you idea is fantastic. seriously, some of the ideas they come up with nowadays for adverts are retarded. tsk.

Soli Loquy said...

aiyer..... why must always post pictures of delicious food?? my drool is flowing like tapwater now. ruin my diet la!!!! damn bad!!!


Ivan said...

starstar: Actually caterpillars are still insects. Any insect, regardless of its stage in life, is still an insect. (Caterpillars, grubs, maggots and misc. larvae are all still insects)

jllt said...

artsoweek2005: I think Mariah Carey will mourn the deaths of those butterflies also.

starstar: I realized that moths in recent times have been very irritating, bugging my room and refusing to leave.

daniel: That would have been one itchy back scratch.

green pea: Haha.. I couldn't wait to get out. Sales are appalling!

ei|een: Please open an ad firm and employ me.

cheneille: Because we should enjoy great food! What's the fun in counting calories?

hai~ren: You're really into the whole ecology, systematics thing rite? But it's pretty interesting. (:

I think I should blog more about roaches since it has garnered so many responses!

misunderstood said...

damn! the roach is huge!

Anonymous said...

that stupid philips[?] lightbulb ad is just so... wrong. you know, the one with the rapping kid and his violin playing dad. like, huh?

maybe change your blog title to roaches and such? haha!

ei|een said...

haha.. okok. if one day i manage to find a sugar daddy who gives me the money, i'll open an agency and make you creative director. but must pray that i can find a sugar daddy first! hahaha!

fabz said...

wow...21 comments! i shall another to make it an even 22, haha. next time i go cineleisure i will try the food there...looks damn good.

Slkrz said...

That's the one at Bedok MRT there right? I was on my way home and I saw it too... poor thing now has only 3 and a half legs... the rest all got broken off...

dweam said...

hey girl i wanted to take picture of the giant cockroach! u faster than me.. boohoo. hee. anyway it's damn scary lah..