Saturday, May 09, 2009

Songs that mean something

I've been listening to Launchcast Radio by Yahoo at work recently. I introduced it to my boss, who loves to blast his favourite 80s rock bands.

Now, I am listening to the 1990s pop station. For the uninitiated, this radio station allows you to play songs by decades so you can be an old woman and go back to the good old days when the songs were hits, not classics. I asked boss what he felt when he listened to the songs.

"Do you feel sad because the time has passed? Or do you feel happy because it brings back memories? Or is it bittersweet because it is a bit of both?"

"I feel steam lor!"

That was his reply to me. By that, I assume it means that he really enjoys the songs and the memories they evoke. When I listen to the 90s channel, I don't know if there is a word to describe what I felt. Let me attempt to illustrate what I mean.

I know the song by listening to its opening.
I know the lyrics without consciously remembering them.
I know when the singer is going to 'style' their voices to give the song something special.
I know the 'hoooooo's, 'haaaaaaaa's, 'laaaaaaaaaa's and 'mmmmmmmm's.
I know when to breathe in the songs.
I know because I grew up with them.

If you ask me what I feel for songs I have heard the past 5 years, I will say 'nothing'. Is it because they are not old enough? Or perhaps they do not mean much to me? I am not sure why but it seems that every song I hear on the channel can be related to a particular incident.

En Vogue - Don't Let Go
The first time I heard this, I was playing uncle's CD at grandma's. It quickly (temporarily) took over "Free Your Mind" as my favourite En Vogue song.

Jewel - You Were Meant for Me
I didn't like this song the first time I heard it. Too 'raw', too many twists and turns to her voice. I started appreciating this when he told me he liked it. Or maybe I started appreciating it because I was slowly realising what she was singing about. For the first time.

Savage Garden - Truly, Deeply, Madly
Ah! The days where guys would ask girls out to the skating rink and hold their gloved hands under the pretense of teaching them how to skate when they were wobbling around. The jukebox loved this song; or rather, we always dedicated this song with our $1 coin. The guys would move in for the kill. After the song ended, we headed for the small kiosk for our instant noodles with an egg cracked in. $2 frikking bucks!

Of course, there are many more songs, with many more memories. I will continue basking in the nostalgia. :)