Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Get going already!

I need to take the train and bus to and from work daily. Public transport in Singapore is great, ain’t it? Gets you to almost every corner of the island. But I suspect, like me, there are fellow passengers whom you rather see driving their own cars. Who are they? Let me enlighten you, so you will nod your head in vehement agreement with me.

The one who blocks
Usually one of the ladies who love to put their EZ-Link cards in some obscured corner of their very packed bags. When repeated slamming against the card reader at the exit is met with the gates stubbornly refusing to open or the reader emitting loud, unpleasant “tee tee tee” sounds, which you most definitely do not want to hear early in the morning, they will stand right where they are while they delve into the depths of their abyss of a bag to hunt for the elusive card. Which they will find, of course. After wasting 10 minutes of your time.

The one who plays music aloud
Mobile phones are a bane, seriously. It has our hearts palpitating when we realize we have left it at home. The watch is rendered useless as is the alarm clock because it’s all taken care of by trusty old handphone. We no longer memorise any phone no. because there is simply no need to unless the battery goes flat. Enough about cells already!

These days, they have become music players! Some irritating buggers treat public transport as their musical playgrounds, often playing awful songs aloud to disturb everyone. What’s more is that the quality of the sound system does not even come close to having earphones. Please, just save up some dough, get the correct gear, and plug in the earphones.

The one who parks their asses on the railings
Railing are for hands, geddit? In the peak morning human traffic of public transport, asses and their cracks are not supposed to be anywhere near railings, dear. Beg for a seat if your lovely bum bum simply can’t stand standing.

The one whose bag needs a seat
More often than not, they are also the ones who feign sleep when people who need the seat more board the transport. Suddenly preoccupied with studying their nails or spilt ends, they refuse to move their bags out of the way. Sometimes, I wish to question whether their bags have also paid the full fare.

The one who looks
Looking is fine. Admiring others is fine. But no to craning your neck to read my newspapers or to spy on my sms. Rude, rude, rude!

Have you met more people on public transport who pisses you off? Pray share so I know I’m not alone in my disgust.