Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Ah Lian/Beng Test

That day, while I was out shopping with JT, I sang the lyrics to a techno song. My friend of 9 years was shocked.

"You actually know how to sing this?" (It was a Masterboy oldie.)

I never fail to amaze, do I? Muahahahahaha... So I thought about the good old days of lianness and came up with a quiz to test the bengness/lianness in you! At least those from my generation! Heh heh...

1. Do you know Floorfilla's Anthem 1 from Anthem 5?

2. Do you know that "Ang" doesn't just means red, "Siao" doesn't just means crazy? (Both also mean surnames? I'm still not sure about this. Haha...)

3. Have you ever owned a pair of cross-color jeans?

4. (Male) Can style the MacDonald fringe in 2 minutes? / (Female) Do know how to create feelers bangs?

5. Was Giodarno's windbreaker in yellow once part of your outfit?

If you said "Yes" to one of the above, there's some bengness/lianess in you! Quite accurate hor?


Jared said...


yes yes yes no no

starstar said...

muahahaha :P

my school the lians wear white colour giordano windbreaker one

don't forget the top-must-tuck-in-all-to-make-my-boobs-bigger for the non-pinafored schools and the fake black prada bags

jllt said...

k-e-n-n-e-t-h: Certified beng!

starstar: Must remember the black bra underneath the windbreakers! I even knew of girls who compressed their boobs because they tucked their blouses so tightly!

Soli Loquy said...

1. what's floorfilla?
2. ya i had a teacher called Ms Ang and my college mate's name is Siau _ _.
3. what do u mean cross-color??
4. as in cockroach fringe?? NO!!!
5. i have no idea how giodarno's windbreaker looks like leh..

eeps got one yes. means i'm ah lian!!

starstar said...

floorfilla = ahbenglian techo song

cross-colour like the double colour pants that was way hot back in the 1996-8 era i think. remember the alien cross-colour pants those bengs were fond of wearing? ^_^

cheneille i think maybe u too young to know of these la :P

Soli Loquy said...

weiii not fair lehh starstar. how u know how old i am??

somemore now also got ah bengs n ah lians what!!

i'm 18 already okay!!

jllt said...

Haha... star and I both older than you... being young is good!

ei|een said...

6. did you use to carry branded paper bags instead of proper bags?

7. did you own or wish to own a sonia rykiel / chantel thomas / etc bag?

8. do you own jeans in any other color except blue / black / khaki (e.g. red, green, pink, etc)?

still got a lot more, but i cannot think properly now.. haha!

jllt said...

ei|een is a certified lian from my generation also!

I thought of all these but didn't add them in... Haha...

9. Do you own a comb with the pointed tip?

10. Have you altered your MCM jeans to make it look like Singapore is flooding?

Ivan said...

I know ALL the Floorfilla songs! Whoohoo! Anthems #1-#5, even know how each of them go!

Anthem #1: I'm on a mission!
Anthem #2: (something like This Way Ar-chi-tect!)
Anthem #3: Inside inside inside out, inside inside out out!
Anthem #4: Check that body, check that check that body!
Anthem #5: (no idea how to transcribe whatever the guy is saying)

And which masterboy song was it you were singing? Feel The Fire? Or was it Feel The Heat Of The Night? Or I Need A Lover?