Saturday, March 31, 2007

I love them, and they love me back

I mean, I have never really gotten anything from this blog, have I? Sure, there's the occasional high when I get "Tomorrow-ed" or when someone refers to my blog. But blogging for an audience is certainly no easy matter. 'What topics are they interested in? How to be interesting and original?' Yada, yada, yada.

So I blog about myself.

Remember how 黄熊熊 wanted to hand himself on a plate to 美狗狗 and saw a weird chicken at Harbourtown? And how I raved about Nando's and wondered why they are not available in Singapore? And how we had the Nando's sauces for reunion dinner? Payback time because I received this today!

My very first parcel from USA!

Cost $5.60! That's USD for you, mister!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The kind people at Nando's picked up on my post about Nando's reunion dinner and gave me a shoutout on their site! Click, click, click!!!

The goodies!

A smashing, personally signed letter from Nando's David! I mean, how many people actually sign letters or even write letters nowadays? Great marketing tactic, David! I am sold!

Oh yes! I love it hot and wild. But I can be sweet and mild too! (^o*)/")

Tell David ( your misery when your sauces run low and you cannot replenish them here in Singapore. Maybe he will be kind enough to send you some! I certainly don't mind for my brain has stopped functioning since CNY eve. (+_+")


piglet said...

Lucky you! :p

debaron said...

ur crappiness is much missed in Brisbane ^^

Jess said...

Hey! C'mon, I sent you something once! That's what you got from the blog.
What are you doing now that you're done school, anyways? Anything journalism-y?

jllt said...

piglet: Not lucky ok! I did a lot of free advertisements for them!

debaron: THAT is for sure! :)

jess: Haha! I remember the beautiful postcard you sent! I'm finally done with school. Doing marcom for a new hotel. Is that considered journalism-ish?