Thursday, October 19, 2006

What starts with "T" and serves emu, wallaby, boar, fish, and beef?

If a place serves "native" food, do you think they should call it "advanced cuisine"?

This question plagued me the whole time we were at Tukka.

You cannot steal the glass; they will know. D is in the background asking her friends whether she should have emu or fish? Haha!

The birthday girl decided she wanted to eat 野味 (something "wild") on her big day. So we can only obliged. And suffer a headache.

"Emu or wallaby? Which would make us more wild?" That will be a real handful.

Actually, P and I have been planning to go to Tukka for some time. Since you're here, you might as well try something different and something you cannot get at home. What is the most "exotic" food you have ever tried? I tried kangaroo, ostrich, deer, flying fox, crocodile, wild boar, and mosquito (the last one was a mistake. x_x) before this trip. And I want to add more to the list! Hmm, what is exotic is subjective ya. Just like everything. I like to eat kway chup, which I'm sure lots around the world will consider exotic. Not everyone eats pig orifices and chicken claws, albeit periodically. Delicious!

Be in for a long wait. I think here, they like to serve food together, so that everyone can eat and make merry together. Since all of us ordered different mains, we had quite a wait in front of us. Despite the unusual menu, the restaurant was almost full. I would recommend a reservation if you're going.

After waiting for some time, the waitress came to us with small dishes of appetisers. Just a bite or two. Were we in a French restaurant?

This is fish with rocket and blood orange sauce. Teeny, tiny. Just enough to tantalise the taste buds.

We wondered aloud why so little was served. Pardon us, for we are not used to "fine dining". Big, hearty meals are the way to go. Some people like to compare food with sex. The appetiser is like the foreplay, no? Just a little to get you excited and anticipate more. That's the ideal foreplay magazines like to describe anyway. Hahaha!

"More" came in the form of damper. It's bread with macadamia oil and some lemongrass-like dry drip. To be shared between two. Still quite little, but getting there. Oh, it wasn't served with the card; I put it there. Not quite edible.

After about 45 minutes, our mains arrived. We didn't quite eat like we should in a "western" restaurants. No entrees, no wines, no desserts. Haha... Just mains and ice water. Nice.

Let's guess the food shall we? Give you multiple choice: wallaby, organic beef, fish, emu, and boar.

A) Red and pink, what is this?

B) Orange and white, this is crisp.

C) Came in rolls, and it rolls.

D) One small slab, amazing sauce.

E) Small, small piece, worth the price?

Did you notice most of them are red meat? Hmm... I think they like to not cook it too thoroughly so you still get the natural juices. Hopefully not blood. Although some were quite apprehensive eating the food, we all finished what was on our plates. I like mine (D) and E. Maybe my taste buds not pro enough, because most of them tasted the same to me. x: The food at Tukka is not cheap. About $30 for a main and $15 and above for entrees. That said, I think you should give it a go. Something different, and really quite tasty. We were wondering why it needed all the additional cutlery. You know, the "this is not a steak knife, this is a butter knife.; this fork is for desserts, not mains", those kind of fanciful gear. Since this is native Australian, shouldn't everything be kept simple. The concept is quite contrasting actually.

Birthdays cannot be without cakes right? Technically, we didn't have cakes but with Freestyle, who needs cake!

My first time trying ice coffee at Freestyle and I LOVE it! I'm dreaming of it right now... Yum.................

We had the usual, sticky date pudding with caramel sauce. My absolute fave. I think I will suffer withdrawal when I go back to Singapore. And my pudding milk tea... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

The birthday girl is in front and in black! Happy birthday, J!

Sugar high~

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