Sunday, April 22, 2007

No time to shit

If you are wondering about the lack of updates, it's because during the past two weeks, I was

- working till 9pm on most days; 3am on one
- invited to (and attended) 3 KTV sessions
- visiting bars, pubs, hotels, and clubs
- given a chance to work in Macau
- running all over the place, trying to complete tasks given during the last second
- cancelling appointments and making promises to meet up with long-time-no-see friends
- trying to schedule shitting time in between sleep and work
- thoroughly enjoying my work and colleagues

Yes, working for long hours is bad for your sleep, skin, mentality, and bowel movements. Luckily, I'm doing what I love.

Time to take a crap

1 comment:

bestfriend said...

i love this blog!
thanks jilt.