Sunday, March 25, 2007

The last burst

I am a suaku. Ever since I returned to my motherland, I had only hit the clubs once. I haven't even seen St James. The Cannery? Sure, but only en route to Coffee Bean at Boat Quay. So what do you think about The Cannery? I'm not sure where the bird cage is, but it sure looked crowded during the weekends.

What kind of music do you like when you go clubbing? I don't understand the House/Trance variety. At MOS yesterday, it was the music of choice. Judging from the people around me, I was the only one who did not appreciate its appeal.

I also don't understand the appeal of alcohol. It tastes vile, costs the skies, and doesn't exactly screw your head to your neck the next day. It also causes your liver to harden and translates to various kinds of output in the loo (if you're lucky).

But still, I like to go to the clubs now and then. It's loud enough for you to be screaming without getting embarrassed. It's smoky and dimmed enough to make everyone seem reasonably good-looking. It gives you the perfect reason to cosy up with your friends without coming across as too desperate. After all, it's all for fun!

The pseudo kisses

The real kisses

The tongue-outs

And bringing gingerbread girl out for some drinks.

I wonder when the next trip will come.

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