Thursday, August 09, 2007


1. When I have flu, I eat all the time.

2. I saw on TV Mobile the other that some feel that our GSS is way too long. Must be the males who are feeling the pinch on their credit cards with the girlfriend's crazy spending. Leave your cards in your own wallets, dudes! Sales rock!

3. I have to wear suits for work. I have often wondered why people have to wear suits. In Singapore no less. What kind of weather and how powerful can the air-con be that you NEED to wear suits? They constrict your movements and are not exactly the cheapest clothing in the world. No thanks.

4. Bird cages are the decoration de jour. I wonder why. What is the significance behind that? I mean are you trying to keep your customers caged up?

5. Many places in Singapore have changed. Not that I have been away for a long time. That's my point exactly. I went to Australia for about 10 months and when I'm back. Poof! Many things are no longer the same. Say, Sentosa. It has this lugging thing you can play together with the new "monorail". Frankly, I like Images of Singapore. Also, when I went to ECP, I notice it has enhanced its hip factor. Near the seafood area (UDMC, they used to call it?), there's a place that blasts loud music. Cool thing to do at a place where you head to chill and listen to the sea? Hmm...

Perhaps the most disappointing change is Newton Circus. When I went there, you can see the ugly competition from the vendors. I don't deny that it is a great convenience for customers. You approach, or rather you get approached, one of these vendors who can organise your whole eating experience for you. First, they help you chope place. Then you can order any food from them. Of course, they will go to stalls under their "territory". Later, when you're done, you can choose to pay the individual stalls when they deliver the food, or you can just give the lump sum to the vendor. Why is this disappointing? I think the whole experience of eating at hawker centres is the walking around. When you see things that tempts you, you buy. If you just sit on your ass and order food you already know, you will not know what kinds of food there are out there, food that you haven't tried. What is the point in this? Especially if you are a tourist, all the more you should stroll around instead to listening blindly to the recommendations from the vendors. That said, their services is not totally useless. For those who are not adventurous with food, these vendors will the guys for you.

I just hope they don't start fighting with one another in front of tourists. Tak glam, my friends.

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