Saturday, February 17, 2007

Day before CNY

The car park in my estate has never been so full! Every year, many people flock to my old estate to visit their families for reunion dinner. I like!

What did you have for your dinner? I think for many people, the easiest to prepare is steamboat. But having eaten steamboats at my friends', I have come to realise that steamboats have characters of their own. A trip to Liang Seah St near Bugis Junction will make you realise that. Firstly, there are different kinds of stocks. Fish, herbs, chicken, spicy, tom yam, vegetable, ikan bilis or just plain water! I don't know who will use the last one. Probably someone who is so busy cutting up the ingredients that they forgot to make the soup. I'm not sure what's the stock at my place but I sure like it! I think Dad added the abalone "juice" from the can. Hmm...

Anyhoo! This is the first year that we are having the hot plate version as well. Courtesy of my Australian education, which introduced me (and subsequently, my family) to Nandos! Peri-peri sauces from Nandos cannot be added to the soup. I think it will be like added tobasco sauce to soups. So we had to marinate our chicken and use the hot plate! Also, something special this year is mushroom! Not your usual chinese variety or the Japanese Enoki. Gracing our tables and our stomachs are portobello mushrooms and white button mushrooms! Considering that we are using the BBQ function, we might as well add salmon slices.

Throw in our usual ingredient, and this is the steamboat from heaven:

Click on the picture to see all the stuff we had!

Short interval over. Back to packing. +_+

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