Sunday, August 19, 2007


Sometimes I am very sway. I have to squeeze into the MRT with others at peak hours.

Sometimes I am even more lagi sway. I sat opposite Mr Obscene Yellow Nail.

Ala PCK, Mr OYN had a very long yellow nail. Unlike PCK however, Mr OYN had his on his thumb. So sat Mr OYN opposite me at Marina Bay interchange (I was wearing 3 inch heels that day ok! Need to sit).

When he sat down, I noticed his yellow nail. Ok, maybe he really need that nail to open the Milo tin or to dig his ears (but thumb?!).

But oh gosh! Save my EYES!!! He started playing with the darn thing! In a thoroughly disgusting move, he stroked his nail! I cannot continue anymore. Please see illustration below for clarity. *gag*

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