Sunday, August 26, 2007

For your stomach

Recently, I discovered a nice cafe. Big O cafe is apparently the sister of NYDC. Although why they decided that it is female defeats me. I would seriously recommend their signature Big O Cheesecake and Affogato.

Click on image for menu

Their Affogato is a delicious blend of rich, bitter-sweet coffee, and ice-cream topped with whipped cream. While it doesn't come cheap at $8.90 per glass, it is so deliciouly aromatic that it's worth every single drop, which no doubt heads straight for your hips. This little item is hard to find on the menu so just scream its name out.

As for the Cheesecake, it is a decadent serving of chocolate (hazelnut I suspect) and cheese, with an Oreo [?] crust. Even my dad who has an unnatural dislike of most things chocolate finished half the slice that was supposed to have been shared among him, mum, and I. Tsk tsk.

The Affogato brings me back to the time when I was in Australia, heading out for coffee with a buddy. It was smashing to just chill at cafes, reading trashy tabloid magazines, and bitching about this and that. I found myself forgetting names of many places I frequently went. It's time to re-start my Australia posts.

As soon as I get my laptop fixed that is.

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