Saturday, April 08, 2006

The recipe to a great night

For the first time ever, I shall reveal the recipe to a great night! So grab your pens and jot this down!

1. Hang colorful ribbons on the ceiling

2. Add a turkish restaurant to the ribbons

3. Throw in an irritating menu that makes you want to order everything

4. Start and end with a tiny cup of extra sweet apple tea

5. Grab housemates for a quick cheese

6. Get a huge plate of food

7. Be VERY excited about the food

8. So excited that you start to look dumb

9. Invite a belly dancer

10. Make some really psycho friends

11. Who can look really retarded at times

12. Get a sticky date pudding in caramel sauce

13. Or a rice pudding with rhubard and pear

14. Or a chocolate deluxe

15. Or an apple and berry crumble

16. Or even a white chocolate cheesecake!

17. Feeling full? Share a strawberry alcoholic drink with friend!

18. Play act the zombie game

19. Do the act cute thing

20. Laugh alot! And I mean really laugh!

So there we have it! The recipe to a fabulous night out! All girls! With the occasional cute waiter thrown in! Flirt a lot, giggle to your max, and laugh often!


Anonymous said...

let's do this again!!!

jllt said...

Definitely! My birthday! Help me source for themed restaurants! :D

LR said...

Looks like a surefire recipe for awesome fun. (:

Anonymous said...

A Twenty Step Program for Happinness

I say,

'Just add Guinness'

but then my pictures would not look so impressive

DCAja said...

love it!