Saturday, March 24, 2007

They have more

Is it me or do you also think that secondary school students today are much richer than you were in your time?

A walk around the neighbourhood mall today revealed that students have more pocket money than I did when I was in uniform. Why, they nary bat an eyelash when heaping up those "by weight" candy, kilogram by kilogram. When I craved for strawberry rope, I had to carefully measure each gram to make certain that I bought the bare minimum.

If we did shop, it was at Giordano or Hang Ten. I notice the uniformed crowd at Mango, Zara, and Armani Exchange now. During Valentine's, they don't just gather around the sweet aisle in supermarkets. No m'dm! The buzz is at Sins, Godiva, or Royce.

It's not fair. I only want one cup of chocolate shake from Godiva. ):

Well, I bought 4 pairs of shoes today. So there!

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neilm1963 said...

lovely blog, lovely lady, keep bloggin.