Thursday, August 10, 2006

The BBQ, Italian hot chocolate, and graduation

In Singapore, when we have a BBQ, what will be on the pit? Chicken wings, sambal stingray/prawns/sotong, hotdogs etc.

Here in Australia, it's teppanyaki galore.

We are making burgers! Lovely mushrooms!!!

Quite different from Singapore right? Oh, did I mention that public BBQ pits are FOC here and runs on electricity? That's saving approximately $25 from booking fee, charcoal, and grill! Woohoo!!!

The gang from Sydney trip got together for a cup of Italian hot chocolate with D, R, and S. What's Italian hot chocolate you ask?

Ta da!

It's a rich, creamy, thick chocolate drink that tastes heavenly (and is loaded up with calories, I'm sure). Not as sweet as it looks but heavenly nevertheless. Yum!

From our Sydney trip, we got a pack of keychains

and when our powers combine, we are

The boomerang girls! I'm sure the others will not take kindly to the name. x:

Also attended graduations. Not mine. Yet.

When will it be my turn?

Sometimes, I wonder why people attend graduation. Does it mean anything? From what I hear, it's just 2 hours of sitting and waiting for your name to be called and hoping that you won't trip over your gown and can manage a normal walk in your new heels.

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