Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm no longer a couch potato!

On this land, you get a holiday to attend Ekka. Since I have already gone there, we spent an afternoon watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. That's my daily highlight; I actually wake up to watch it. I don't think it's shown in Singapore. Wasted because it's hilarious!

Another afternoon of potentially spending all my time in front of the TV. This is really bad especially if you have such lovely housemates who attempted to clot up your arteries with this

Can you resist this?

In a stroke of genius, I suggested that we go to the playground instead of waiting for Mr Huey to show us how to cook! The playground is cute! I think it's actually quite tiring to play the playground. Remember when you were young and all you wanted to do was to be at the playground, sliding, swinging, riding, and going up and down? Hmm... I think some adults want to do that too, not necessarily with the equipment available though. Muahahahaha! Don't get caught people!

Sadly, being a holiday, it means that there are lots of people around, people to point and laugh at our childishness. Who cares! Bah! :P I want to play see-saw!

Don't let this fool you. It's more strenuous than it looks! You have to 'giap' (grip) the tiny seat with your legs and hold on for dear life. Exciting!

When I was young, all I ever wanted to do was feel the wind in my hair as I played on the swing. That's the best part, right!

We didn't have the luxury of playing these. Simply not enough space in Singapore.

But the playground is not enough, we have to go to the river! From our house, we get the river view, which many visitors proclaimed to be excellent and value for money (our rent is relatively cheap). But after a while, you stop noticing the view and with the endless renovations, you don't really feel like going out to the balcony anyway. Oh, did I mention there's a suana and pool too? *shows off*

Anyway, we went to walk river. Australians have healthy lifestyles. There are many cyclists (all have to wear helmuts) and joggers. Us? We are walkers! The view is too nice to just whiz through. Ok lah... Excuse for not liking to run. Why make yourself breatheless? Besides, the air here is very dry and your throat will be parched after 2 minutes. Not cool to die eh?

Can you see the blue ferry? CityCat is the public ferry.

We saw wriggly clouds today too. Sunset is the best!

Next time, I shall only watch Queer Eye and start moving around in the afternoon! Maybe I will go snatch the swings and be the playground bully! :D


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That's what I do too! 1 hour of Queer Eye and 1 hour of Oprah, hehe..

jllt said...

I suspect you wake up earlier to watch them too! Muahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

I do! Those guys are so funny and Thom always do such a good job on the deco :D

jllt said...

Yes! They are good! I love Thom's decorating skills. He always brings something of the individual and their loved ones into the design scheme. I love Carson too for this wit but I can't say I always agree with his fashion sense. Kyan is good looking and because he's in-charge of grooming, he naturally can make the person look very different. Jai is cute as a button and provides wonderful ideas for gifts. Ted has some excellent ideas but I think he's more experienced in alcohol than food. Anyway, they make a fab 5!!!

Anonymous said...

Singapore should have a show like that, a complete makeover of one's life, haha!

jllt said...

I think they did. The family thing hosted by the "Paul" guy from "Under One Roof". I think Singaporeans generally very conscious of appearing in front of TV. Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Oh yah! I think my secondary school teacher appeared on one episode, hehe. Very true indeed, but I must say that the local reality TV scene is becoming more creative (and profiteering big time!) with so many talent-searching programs..

jllt said...

Local programs always buy formats from other countries. I have stopped watching quite some time ago. Only local program that can be watched is news. +_+