Monday, August 22, 2005

The adventures of 黄熊熊 (Harbortown)

Hello everybody! I is had a great time with 美狗狗! So much fun that I is spent 15hrs outside! But that is not considered a lot under doggy years so 美狗狗 was very happy! We did not go to Gold Coast as she said but we is went to Harbortown! I is shocked at how women shop! Firstly we is take the car to go there because it is very far, about 45 minutes drive. And it is a hot day.

Me is wondering how long it will take to go there on bicycle. I is do not own a bicycle also. ):

But along the motorway, I is found out I is wanted!

I is hope not many people want to eat bear paw here or dog meat. U notice how the clouds in the sky is pointing towards the direction we is traveling? U is only but to follow the clouds to find us!

I is happy to be traveling with my camerawoman, driverman and laughingwoman! But most of all, I is happy that 美狗狗 nv flew my aeroplane! But she is shy so there will be no photos of her. I is not willing to share too! I is recommending Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication album for zooming down the highway at minimum of 110kmph. Camerawoman is very noisy because she is sings out of tune and laughed like the irritating hyena.

Luckily driverman can keep his cool although he is always asking her to shut up. I is think camerawoman is suffering from lack of sleep because she is told me she is never sleep the night before. I is surprised. I is think people never sleep would be tired and quiet but she is crazy, screaming suddenly, making stupid jokes like asking people what is the surname of a boy named happy and squeezing me. I is do not like to be squeezed. Unless by 美狗狗. *gig gig*

In order to escape camerawoman’s siaoness, I is think about what I is will do for the LOML (Love Of My Life). I is will:

Get bitten by giant rats*…

Hang from big black blood-sucking bats*…

And face scary ghosts*!

Yes, I is think I is will hand myself on a colorful plate for 美狗狗:

But I is not going to include cutlery.

We is reached!

I is the star dammit! Why I is blurred in this pic?

You is wondering what is Harbortown? I is give you clue. It is the place that allow women to go crazy and even men can go crazy here! The crazy for women will be good but for men it is no good. Why? It is a place full of factory outlets! So women can shop till they drop while men will carry and pay until wallet drop!

I is found a poster with my color! I is do not understand this advertisement. We is have two hind paws. Does it means we is get right shoe at original price and left shoe at 40% less? I is headache.

We is walk and walk. Then camerawoman is buy and buy. I is think she is crazy from no sleep. But I is having a good time because I is with 美狗狗. She is allow me to ride on her from time to time. I is like her furry back. She is has no fleas at all!

Suddenly, I is saw a weird-looking chicken:

Why is it crying?

I is know! Because I is its predator! I is love chicken!

I is wondering now why no one set up foundation to stop people from eating vegetables. Animals are alive, plants are alive. Why there is a difference? I is headache again. But I is found this argument from Peta. I is do not see the reasoning? No pain then no need to save? Why is people so worried about this girl who cannot feel pain then?

I is want to stop thinking so I is take photo with camerawoman who is a fellow chicken lover:

At this time, she is without sleep for 18 hours. I is sleepy already because I is bear that hibernate in winter. She is crazy. I is think all women got shopping no need anything else.

I is then follow them shop and shop. When it is time to go for dinner, I is surprised when I is reached the car:

There is no more cars even though the sky still so bright at 5pm! The parking lots is no more when we arrived. Now there space to park aeroplane, submarines, and maybe a Titanic. Opp! No more Titanic now.

We is went to eat Asian food. I is had more chicken!

It is nasi lemak. The leaves on top of the rice look like a pair of green kidneys!

I is told camerawoman I is want to spend more time with 美狗狗. She is give me a strange look and laughed loudly again. She is crazy but she is heard me so we is go to café later. I is a happy bear.

I is order a big muga cino to share with 美狗狗.

I is gentlebear and let 美狗狗 eat the foam and chocolate powder on top.

It is very sweet. I is hear many males do not like to share food. I is think it is romantic when sharing with the correct dog because you is feed me I is feed you. But I is do not like to share with girls who order salads and pick on my steak. Grrrrrrrrrrr… Luckily, 美狗狗 has a voracious appetite, eating a whole packet of pig’s ears.

I is want to impress 美狗狗 so I is ask camerawoman, driverman and laughingwoman to play daidee. Because I is a daidee expert. No other bears I know know how to play this complex game. But lousy camerawoman gave me a bad hand:

How can you win with this set?

Suddenly, camerawoman dropped onto the table. She is used up her adrenaline because there is no more shopping. So I is wake her up to let her lick our muga cino cup for some caffeine:

Humans are weak just like Stelarc said the body is obsolete. She is wearing thick peacoat and without sleep for 23hours. I is wearing thin red tee. She is lousy!

We is decided it is enough when laughingwoman also dropped onto table so we is head home. I is think women will die without shopping.

* I is thank my friends at Ikea for posing with me to show my readers my thinking. U is rawks!


Injenue said...

why arent there any pics of laughingwoman and driverman???

Anonymous said...

LOL i like the HXX so funny sia BTW are the beverages there NICE?

Heavenly Sword said...

I is very amused by these few posts with the cute Winnie-the-Pooh... :)

Anonymous said...

meigougou: HXX me is lurbve yew. but me is play daidee lose muchmuch.

LOL. :D glad you're having fun!

KERMIT said...

haha... HXX looked like he/she was getting raped by the rat

starstar said...

hehehe i like this HXX contributor lots! you seem skinn-ier, aussie food no good? >_<"

Nobody said...

Enjoy reading your blog...... keep blogging!


Anonymous said...

Looks like he is having fun, especially like the one where he is looking out of the car.

I really want to see more of these images