Sunday, September 02, 2007

Making the coffee froth

I once had a chance to learn to make coffee using the coffee machine. Not the put water and coffee powder then watch the drip drip drip kind. But the kind where you make a lot of noise. Where you put coffee powder into the holder, press it down real hard, and put into the machine and this and that kind.

So friend was teaching me how to make the froth for my cuppacino. Here's her instructions:

"You take it (the metal cup holding the cold milk) by the handle."

"Then put it here (at the sprout on the machine that makes the froth)."

"Move it up and down slowly."

"You will fill it (the base of the cup) getting hotter."

"Then you have to be careful."

"Because it will rise to the top very fast."

"But you still have to continue the up and down movement."

"If you not careful..."

"The white stuff may spurt out very fast and hurt you."

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