Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I am a


I always tell people it is good to be born on the 29th of May. Firstly, my birthday is a celebration of:

1. My birthday of course (though I wonder if there is anything to celebrate as I get older. More “experience”? >_<” )
2. The end of examinations
3. The school holidays
4. The fact that it does not fall in June nor July where there are Great Singapore Sales to negate my birthday discounts

It’s a pretty cool zodiac:
1. You will never be bored with a Gemini around! She’s the life of party and a great conversationalist. Topics that she enjoys are of a vast and diverse range, from the intellectual to the gossips, she knows it all!
2. She’s flexible in more ways than one. Do guys need more reasons to date a woman who can put her feet behind her ears?
3. Ironic wit and sarcasm are her forte. Initiate a debate and you will be amazed by her knowledge.
4. Of multiple personalities, you can have several types of women all rolled into one. Monogamy with a Gemini is starting to sound attractive eh?
5. Doing many things at the same time is her specialty; what’s more is she can do them well. Which guy wouldn’t want someone who is good with her hands?

And there are some very practical reasons for which being/posing as a Gemini is an advantage:
1. You get not one, not two, but three exposures when you do a photo shoot for America’s Next Top Model!
2. You are not the oldest of your cohort, nor are you the baby! There is no extremeness aversion.

Date a Gemini today!

***Disclaimer: Actually I am not a fan of Horoscopes. Who cares what you can predict from the stars anyway?


Adrian said...

Oi, astrology is bullshit lah, bitch. *smacks your head* I thought we'd trained you better than that?

YellowPony said...

Ah, date a Gemini today! I'm May 25, so I heartily agree!

jllt said...

adrian: Erm... read the disclaimer? *smacks back*

yellowpony: Oh yes! Gemini rules. I mean which other Zodiac can have fickle-mindedness as a flaw except Gemini? It's actually not a bad thing to be indecisive when we have so many guys to choose from. ^-*

Marcelly said...

can i date u then babe? har har.. my bro is gemini. how? duno any othe gemini leh

but yeah the bday thing is so correct. why mine always fall in betweem exams.. so siann

jllt said...

Haha... I can match you up with yellowpony. ^-*