Sunday, April 03, 2005

Baby songs

I was tuning in to Yahoo!'s Launchcast Radio when I realized that I was listening to the nth song that has the word "baby" in it. Think about it, Britney Spears' first hit has that word; the word is commonly heard in B-grade sex scenes on telly ("Oh baaaaby!" although I cannot think of anything that's more of a turn-off). I've got the following definition from Encarta:


ba·by [ b√°ybee ]

noun (plural ba·bies)

1. very young child: a very young child who is not yet able to walk or talk

2. unborn child: a child that is still in the womb

3. childish person: somebody who behaves childishly or is overly dependent on others

4. youngest member: the youngest member of a family or group the baby of the team

5. immature animal: a very young animal

6. term of endearment: an affectionate term of endearment, especially for a woman (slang) (sometimes considered offensive)

7. something regarded with affection or pride: something or somebody regarded with affection, pride, or admiration (slang)


So, which definition(s) do the singers, or more aptly, the songwriters (since singers nowadays seldom have the composing talent) adhere to? My guess would be 6. for Hip-Hop and R&B genres such as the following:

Baby Bash - Baby I'm Back
Fabolous - Baby (Radio Version)

For girls who like to pretend they are adults, it would be 1-5 (I have yet to hear of anyone referring to no. 2 though I think it would make an interesting blog to try to come up with one). One example of such song would be from 13-year-old Jojo's Baby It's You. Here's an excerpt from the song:

"It’s not by what you got, I know you got a lot
No matter what you do, you always gettin’ hot
It's you... it's you ...
Baby, all I want is you, yeah"

Babies (no.1)! What do they think they know at that age? As someone once told me, "their pubes are not even visible yet!".


Adrian said...

I call people "babe" more than "baby".

jllt said...

Quite obvious from your introductions of so-called "hot babes" in your blog.

"Babies" wouldn't quite make the cut.

Adrian said...

Well, I like women, not girls, dear.

jllt said...

Can see that too.