Thursday, April 14, 2005

I've got a hate comment

Right here. From the same person who has nothing better to do than plague Sheena's blog.


J Schnorng said...

how do you know it's the same person?


Sheena said...

I just realised something!

That post of yours was a pretty long time ago... the troll must have spent hours trawling through your archives!

Gosh, they really have nothing better to do, don't they?

jllt said...

j: That kind of stupidity is unique.

Merenwen: Cannot expect too much from this kind of person. Probably just drooling somewhere now.

Marcelly said...

I just hate anonymous comments sometimes.. those mean ones. What a wimp!cowards cant even put their names on right!
One guy/girl commented that I was FAT and said i mustve looked into a cracked mirror. like wtf. none of their business sial. Just ignore them la gurl.. besides.. jealousy is a form of flattery! Think of it that way..=)

jllt said...

Haha. I can't be bothered with a thing that cannot form a good insult. "looking sown" = ???

I'm a bitch so the thing is not telling me anything I don't know.

All women have bitches somewhere in them.