Monday, April 04, 2005

Studying in Australia - Mixed feelings

I found myself wondering what I would do after I graduate with a degree. My current major is not exactly what I want (although I recently found out that they are going to implement a new structure that is EXACTLY what I like. Argh!!) and then the idea of going overseas for studies struck me. It seemed like a great idea: I can live by myself and learn to be independent (and maybe my dad will finally acknowledge that I am 22, not 12) and I get the change to have travel the world and be able to specialize in what really interests me.

So I decided to apply to further my studies in Australia. Do I really want to go to Australia? Not exactly, but Singapore does not offer the course I want. I don't really want to spend so much of my parents money to further my studies. Of course, I have asked them time and again whether it would be too taxing for the family financially if I were to study in Australia.

I also don't want to leave my friends and family behind. I am not one of those Singaporeans who's always looking to migrate to other countries. The food here is good, and some of the very important people are here as well. I found myself asking who will talk to my mum if I am not in Singapore (my brothers are all glued to the PS2 or the computer, so nah)? Then on days where my dad has no one to accompany him to watch golf or documentaries on telly, will he feel very sad and lonely? Perhaps it is not very good to always consider others. There is also someone else but I don't think he will appreciate me airing it out here, not that I have any intentions of doing so because I believe a relationship is private.

Ah well. I might not even get a place there. So this is prematured worrying for nothing, as is my bad habit.

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