Monday, April 25, 2005

Things you cannot have when you were young

Are always the ones you have most of when you grow up. Mum made me use the same bag from primary 1 to primary 4 despite my multiple pleas to get a new bag. Now all I ever get are bags.

The more you cannot have it, the more you want it. Yellowpony mentioned this in her post about her friend's observation that guys do not want straight-forward girls because they do not feel the challenge. Thinking about it from this perspective, wouldn't that mean guys will get bored of girls they "get" already? No more challenge liaoz right?

I so want a musical box right now. You know, the kind that is a bright ugly pink on the outside and has a ballerina on the inside? Because I was deprived of it in my childhood. Can no longer find it around, so the picture is the next best thing:

Dance for me ballerina!
The pink on the outside is not even ugly enough. Sucks.


Anonymous said...

have you tried the Disney store (or is it no longer in Singapore?)

a friend once gave me a Cinderella musical box ... but that was like nearly ten years ago ...

jllt said...

Aww.. Thanks for the suggestion but I'm looking for thsoe fugly made in china types.

Disney is no more in Singapore too. (:

J Schnorng said...

In my whole childhood, my parents never bought me a single video game console, because they couldn't understand the purpose of buying something that just sat around and played games and did nothing else.

Now that I have control over my money, I've bought myself three.

I don't know if that's analagous, but hey, I like video games.


jllt said...

At least there are still video games around. No amount of money in the world can get me fugly pink musical boxes. ):

starstar said...

omg i love musical boxes like that too *_* used to have a cinderella one and still has a pooh one..

i think the fugly ones you want are still in production, maybe ebay search?

good luck for your papers ^^"

jllt said...

You're so lucky! I never had one. I just pretended my mum's jewellery box was one and used lego girl as the ballerina.

I did a Yahoo auction search but there was none. Problem with auctions is they are most likely to be pre-owned. I don't like 2nd hand stuff. +_+

Haha... Good luck for your papers too!