Saturday, April 09, 2005

Blogger vs. Friendster Blogs

What's up with blogger these days?

Friendster has a blog feature. The very basic kind is free. Time to look for alternatives since there has been so much trouble logging in to blogger. Argh!

Ps: This pic is used to try out Friendster's Blog's Picture feature. Less problem than Hello which now says I am not authorised to load picture on my blog (????).


J Schnorng said...

Gah...friendster blogs mean you have to use...FRIENDSTER!



jllt said...

Friendster is quite fun mah! Can look at how people photoshopped their pictures and see how they describe themselves as cute, adorable, kawaii, good-looking... yada yada..

Then point your finger at them and have a good laugh...

J Schnorng said...

Haha...I photoshop my friendster pictures like crazy. Evidence: my blogger profile picture, as well as my site logo. That's what my friendster pictures look like.

Oh yeah, blogger is being a good boy again. So maybe the switch to friendster is premature.

jllt said...

Blogger quite PMS wan.

But till now the Hello + Blogger program still telling me I cannot load pictures on my blog. Bah!

Cannot put in all the photoshopped photos to attract traffic! Pui!

Anonymous said...

You are freaking hOT!!!

Injenue said...

well anonymous your are right about that!!