Friday, April 15, 2005

What are those

beside my links? Yes. As you can guess, they are my poop bullets. You can see them beside the "x pieces of crap" (a.k.a comments) as well.

Poop bullets for the Crap & Such blog where you get your infrequent dose of bull. Fitting ain't it? Here's what poopy looked like before I shrank it with my minimizer:

It doesn't get cuter than this.

(Do you know there are minimizer bras? Some people just take things for granted.)


Marcelly said...

Oh babe! It's a damn cute shit!! hahahha..

jllt said...

Shits are always cute when they leave my body.

I need detoxification!

Adrian said...


J Schnorng said...

wait...did you just say that shits...are...cute...when they leave your body?

i'm stunned.


jllt said...

dear: You know I'm cute. *simpers at the great Don's feet*

j: Well, cuter than the feeling of them being inside.

Adrian said...

Feisty Bitch: *pats your head*

Big Fuck: I deal with that on a daily basis. *smirks*