Sunday, April 10, 2005

Clubbing boo boo

Always super irritated at the end of a clubbing session. A whole list of reasons for this:
  1. You smell like stale cigarettes. Make that you and your bedsheets. From personal experience, it takes about 3 washes for hair to smell normal.
  2. You need to shower when you get home. Even though you are dog-tired, you have to wait for your hair to dry before sleeping.
  3. Puke/cigarette butts on your shoes (enough said).
  4. Runny make-up (missing blusher (though it probably doesn't matter since you are all red from alcohol anyway), mascara smudges, lipstick smears...).
  5. Cab fare!

But dancing and having fun with friends make up for all these. Cannot stand people who always complaining about the lousy crowd. Make fun! Though quite hard if the music is bad lah!


Adrian said...

I kicked ass!

jllt said...

Yay! You're da man!

Ivan said...

I was damn hyper! :p

jllt said...

You're da man as well! And fast gaining popularity on Sheena's blog eh?