Friday, April 08, 2005


No! I can't!! No more!!

She made a detour and quickly walked past the shop.

I can't look at them!
Well... Maybe just a peek.

She gave in to the temptation and did an about turn. Her eyes lit up as she walked in. Rows and rows of them.

Gorgeous! This is great! And that! And those!
Which colour is nicer? Is it my size?

Unknowingly, she had begun to try them on...

The cash register rang. She got a shock when she looked at her receipt.

What have I done now? It was only a look...


OMG! Shoes, shoes, shoes! Girls always go gaga over shoes. You don't? Well, hormonal imbalance you! There must be a pair of shoes for every occasion and a pair to match every outfit. Make that two pairs. You need to alternate them.

Shoes, shoes, shoes. Don't you just hate it when someone else wears the same pair as you? And that bitch actually thinks she looks better than you? Poo! Give her the toe and up hers! Calluses and corns hardly qualify as nice. Look at those chipped nails! Yuks! Ingrown!

I hate anyone who wears the same stuff as me and thinks she looks nicer and must be "ashamed" to see me and runs the opposite direction. Please! Have an attitude and face your challenger! Don't turn tail. Ass.

Once, I had a pretty day (as opposed to bad hair day and the works). Nails unchipped, hair in place, toes pink and polished, cellulite unseen, spinach from teeth removed, the eyeliner straight and unsmudged, lipstick on lips and not the tiny lines, blusher balanced... You know, just one of those days when you feel as perfect as Barbie (ok... so not everyone can have a 36-24-36 measurement.) Then this pimply girl was watching in the opposite direction. Poor her. Cannot get her guy to keep his eyes on her and decided to punish the target of his indiscretion.

As I was nearing them, I could sense her envy cum jealousy and knew what was coming. Quick as lightning, I switched my bag's position to have the metal clasp pointing to the front. Poor girl had to nurse a bruised elbow the whole day I guess.

Get a weapon sweetie. Bitch.


Anonymous said...

you are the fucking bitch..looking sown on people

jllt said...

Hi Mr./Ms. Multi-Personalities. I am a bitch. Thank you very much. At least I am clear about my identity. What about you?

jllt said...

I have never heard of the phrase "looking sown on people" in any case. Multi-personalities disorder and delusions about words?

Adrian said...

Aww, look dear. It types! Wonder who trained it to do that?

jllt said...

Must have taken it very long to form that thought, let alone the skills to type it out.

Sheena said...

Yeah, the troll probably spent a good 5 hours wondering exactly what it could say to you, after what it said to me didn't work.